Sunday, May 03, 2009

Quick weekend hack: statistics on Richie Hawtins DJ set tweets

Richie Hawtin recently started to post the records he is playing on twitter. He is using Traktor while he plays, which now has a new plugin which allows this functionality. Others have posted about this and what it means for techno music enthusiasts, DJs and the music industry.

I think it is one of the few good applications of twitter and I decided to hack something together to display this information in a little bit nicer way.

I created a site at which gets the tweets from twitter and generates a list of DJ sets and a top10. As Hawtin is the only DJ I know who uses this application the overall top10 is not much use, but it shows the potential.

This is my first project using symfony and I was surprised how good it worked for this task and how easy it is to get started.

If you have problems accessing the site, come back a bit later, there seems to be a problem with one of my secondary DNS servers.

Some thing I have planned for the future:
  • add links from the tracks to, discogs and co. It is a bit difficult, because artist names are not always present or correct
  • add more DJs, if you know of someone also using this kind of tweets give me a shout
  • make the combining of tracks into sets better (at the moment I just use the day) and allow more sensible names for these
  • pages with tracks listed by artists and links to the artist pages
That is enough for today though, because it is bloody hot here in Barcelona.