Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday Links

Feature toggle life time – best practices

How to be an effective leader, according to Google

Slacking on security

New information about Slack’s 2015 security incident

Taming the ‘Fear of Missing Out’: How We Create a Retreat-From-Home Experience For Those Who Can’t Make It

When a rewrite isn’t: rebuilding Slack on the desktop

10x Managers Supermanagers


Is Trump Still President (As A Service)

Google for Nigeria: making our products more helpful to more people

AWS launches a new tool to help you optimize your EC2 resources

Introducing Fedora CoreOS

Test && Commit || Revert (TCR)'s%20blog/2019/03/06/test-commit-revert.html

Attorney General William Barr on Encryption Policy

Asynchronous State Replication

Science and Software Development

Software Developers and Security

AWS gets a chatbot

Product Teams Need More Than Traditional Analytics

Feedback Timeliness


Hire When It Hurts

What Do Nancy Pelosi, Taylor Swift, and Serena Williams Have in Common?

Frederick Douglass (Summer Repeat)

Shape Up with Ryan Singer

Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday Links

5 Steps to Become More Comfortable Using Data

Managing technical debt

What is technical debt?

It can’t be left to Europe’s cities to clean up noxious air

Working Fast and Slow

Am I micromanaging my team?

How we keep Search relevant and useful

JavaScript Iterators and Iterables

Who's afraid of a big bad optimizing compiler?

What is Silverblue?

Two Years Ago, We Started Building a Product that Now Earns Over $500,000. Here’s How We Did it.

Zoom Vulnerability

Google's Project Dragonfly 'terminated' in China

Code Review: Create The Culture, Learn The Best Practices

Protecting private browsing in Chrome

What you should really measure in your annual performance reviews (and why)


Facebook Engineering Culture with Raylene Yung

An Elegant Puzzle, Part 1 with Will Larson

Facebook PHP with Keith Adams

Germany’s climate change frontline

Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Links

It’s high time to rewrite the hiring script

Drowning in a Fountain of Knowledge

PM “Responsibilities” ?

Applied Cryptography is Banned in Oregon Prisons

The hardest leadership advice to follow

Expediting Data Fixes and Data Migrations

Bug bounties and NDAs are an option, not the standard

RFC-115 Some Network Information Center Policies on Handling Documents

Announcing Docsy: A Website Theme for Technical Documentation

Announcing “Shape Up”, a deep dive into how we work

Leverage? No thank you.

Infinite work is less work

Skyscanner and AWS: cloudy, with a chance of lessons learnt


The Open Office

Batteries - are they ethical, recyclable and sustainable?

The One About Management (Pt. 1)

The sea captain facing jail after saving the lives of refugees

Abortion and Crime, Revisited

Friday, July 05, 2019

Friday Links

GOTCHA: Taking phishing to a whole new level

Which smart bulbs should you buy (from a security perspective)

FreeDOS turns 25 years old: An origin story

How to speak Silicon Valley: 53 essential tech-bro terms explaine

Creating a career ladder for engineers - Marco Rogers

Formalizing the Robots Exclusion Protocol Specification

Google's robots.txt parser is now open source

A note on unsupported rules in robots.txt

Get to insights quicker with Data Studio's new home page

Google tweaked algorithm after rise in US shootings

Brewing our own Template Lexer in Ruby

Els Mossos i l'Institut Cartogràfic presenten un visor amb dades delinqüencials de Catalunya

C# or Java? TypeScript or JavaScript? Machine learning based classification of programming languages

“Testing” Structure Changes

Curiosity as a Service — Literally

US Journalist Detained When Returning to US


How to Change Your Mind

Interview with Camille Fournier, Managing Director of Two Sigma, and Author of The Manager's Path

What oil companies knew: the great climate cover-up

Reply All #144 Dark Pattern

A History of Music and Technology