Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday Links

Feature toggle life time – best practices

How to be an effective leader, according to Google

Slacking on security

New information about Slack’s 2015 security incident

Taming the ‘Fear of Missing Out’: How We Create a Retreat-From-Home Experience For Those Who Can’t Make It

When a rewrite isn’t: rebuilding Slack on the desktop

10x Managers Supermanagers


Is Trump Still President (As A Service)

Google for Nigeria: making our products more helpful to more people

AWS launches a new tool to help you optimize your EC2 resources

Introducing Fedora CoreOS

Test && Commit || Revert (TCR)'s%20blog/2019/03/06/test-commit-revert.html

Attorney General William Barr on Encryption Policy

Asynchronous State Replication

Science and Software Development

Software Developers and Security

AWS gets a chatbot

Product Teams Need More Than Traditional Analytics

Feedback Timeliness


Hire When It Hurts

What Do Nancy Pelosi, Taylor Swift, and Serena Williams Have in Common?

Frederick Douglass (Summer Repeat)

Shape Up with Ryan Singer

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