Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Links

It’s high time to rewrite the hiring script

Drowning in a Fountain of Knowledge

PM “Responsibilities” ?

Applied Cryptography is Banned in Oregon Prisons

The hardest leadership advice to follow

Expediting Data Fixes and Data Migrations

Bug bounties and NDAs are an option, not the standard

RFC-115 Some Network Information Center Policies on Handling Documents

Announcing Docsy: A Website Theme for Technical Documentation

Announcing “Shape Up”, a deep dive into how we work

Leverage? No thank you.

Infinite work is less work

Skyscanner and AWS: cloudy, with a chance of lessons learnt


The Open Office

Batteries - are they ethical, recyclable and sustainable?

The One About Management (Pt. 1)

The sea captain facing jail after saving the lives of refugees

Abortion and Crime, Revisited

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