Thursday, April 30, 2020

International Workers' Day Weekend Links

Alphabet’s Q1 2020 earnings call

Google Meet premium video meetings—free for everyone

Case Study : Complex UI Testing

Hiring programmers with a take-home test

How to do Map Stuff: A Live Community Sharing Event

Fedora Workstation : Swamp draining for 6 years

Development Environments at Slack

Fedora 32 is officially here!


Most controversial rules in Arkency

The science of why remote meetings don't feel the same

“It never gets easier, you just go faster.”

Whispers: Advanced secrets detection

Zef’s Book Club: No More Feedback

LinkedIn's CEO Just Shared the Best Work at Home Advice You'll Read Today

De Blasio Commits to 100 Miles of ‘Open Streets’

Work-life balance is a lie—and coronavirus is exposing it

Why does writing matter in remote work?

Untold stories of northern illegal raves revealed in archive

Global coronavirus death toll could be 60% higher than reported | Free to read

rjp: Friday roundup for 2020-04-24

Coming soon: Fedora on Lenovo laptops!

Keep Your People Learning When You Go Virtual

I’ve never seen ... Back to the Future

Webinar Recordings: Lab Hours with John Cutler

Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday Links

Long-Term Planning

Rands: Technicality

Our data centers now work harder when the sun shines and wind blows

Case Study: 2 Simple Principles to achieve High Code Maintainability

How we reduced latency and cost-to-serve by merging two systems

Is Remote Work Greener? We Calculated Buffer’s Carbon Footprint to Find Out

Clean Code: The Manager’s Guide to Building Quality Software

Failed #SquadGoals

Valve's Proton project has brought 6,500 Windows games to Linux so far

Visualizing the Length of the Fine Print, for 14 Popular Apps

Software Engineering Interviews—the Backblaze Way

Seamless branch deploys with Kubernetes

Linux kernel lockdown, integrity, and confidentiality

How Netflix brings safer and faster streaming experiences to the living room on crowded networks using TLS 1.3

Detecting fake accounts on social networks with SybilEdge

Building a PC, Part IX: Downsizing

Channels Are Free

Vulnerability Finding Using Machine Learning

Setting up the sway window manager on Fedora

Rjp: Friday roundup

Why I stopped using Microservices

Podcasts & YouTube
Monoliths vs Microservices is Missing the Point—Start with Team Cognitive Load - Team Topologies

Visualizing the spread of Coronavirus

Prologue 'The Wire': Way Down in the Hole

Transition from Engineer to Manager: Jeff Perry, Engineering Leadership Coach

Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday Links

10 Things I Hate About Remote Work- Part One

From 48k lines of code to 10—the story of GitHub’s JavaScript SDK

Ride Down Into JavaScript Dependency Hell

Kubernetes Security

Business as Abnormal: Every Message We’ve Shared With Our Team (So Far) During COVID-19

Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories

How often does Rust change?

Contact Tracing COVID-19 Infections via Smartphone Apps

Hacklang at Slack: A Better PHP

When should I write an Architecture Decision Record?

The Developer Culture Test: What Defines Places Where Developers Thrive?

Managing scheduled reminders for pull requests

Sawfish phishing campaign targets GitHub users

ELS 2020 happening online, and for free

Minding our stories.

TBM 16/53: The Boring Bits

New AppSignal Feature: Graph Builder

How to create an incident response playbook



Snorkel: Training Dataset Management with Braden Hancock

Software Development Trends 2020: Camille Fournier and Juan Pablo Buritic√°

Overcoming Engineering Leadership Challenges with Farhan Thawar

How to Take Control of Your Time & Get More Done

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Lead Dev Live 2020

I heard of the Lead Dev conference series some time at the end of the last year. There are not many conferences that focus on engineering leaders, most of the technology conferences are focused on specific technologies, methodologies or the business side.

It was too late for the Berlin 2019 conference, so I set my eyes on either the London or Berlin 2020 conference. In the end I decided against London, because I wanted to avoid short plane trips as much as possible and staying longer in London also wasn’t an option.

Then the COVID-19 thing happened and Lead Dev organisers decided to cancel or postpone some of the 2020 conferences and also offer an online conference: Lead Dev Live 2020.
It was a two day conference on April 7 and 8, 2020. Not only was it streamed live, but also completely free. Each day had a single track happening in the afternoon and evening CEST. 

Streaming was via one long YouTube stream for each day, which was well produced except for some technical issues that were quickly resolved.
In parallel to this everybody had access to a Slack community for general chat, topic specific channels and networking.

In the end I didn’t watch all of the talks, but most of them. I am just going to list the ones I recommend to watch if you get the chance.

Overall I enjoyed the experience, they had some great speakers and some topics I can directly relate to.
I noticed that I found the panels more difficult to follow, you get a lot of whitespace between the speakers and there is no consistent story. This makes it easy to lose concentration, check your messages or fetch a new cup of tea. A normal talk with a story and possibly slides can really grab your attention and take you on a journey.
One thing that didn’t work at all for me were the Slack channels running in parallel to the talks. The main #leaddev-live channel was very noisy and just flooded with people just saying hello. Any announcements flew past so fast that it was pretty much unusable. Something like a channel only for announcements would have been more useful. You also run very quickly into the usual Slack problem of having too many channels and then too many notifications.

I definitely would join another conference by Lead Dev. I might even pay for it.

Would I go to a real Lead Dev conference? Yes, but only if it is close to me. I wouldn’t spend the time and money required to travel further than maybe a two hour flight. 

Day 1  

The first day was focused on the effects of COVID-19 on management and remote work.
YouTube stream day 1

Leading teams through times of uncertainty and upheaval [Panel]

Camille Fournier, Lara Hogan, Rachana Kumar and Christian McCarrick

Good insight into how different companies and engineering approach the crisis with some well known guests.  

Minimum Viable Business Continuity Management

Meri Williams

Talking about all kinds of aspects of continuity management. From risk assessment, testing, planning and communication.

Avoiding the pitfalls of rebuilding software [Panel]

Dan Berry, Jai Chakrabarti, Bryan Liles and Erica Stanley

Rebuild or refactor in many words.

Day 2

The second day was more of a mix of different topics.
YouTube stream day 2

Tradeoffs on the road to Observability

Liz Fong-Jones

Keep SRE and observability boring. Use the tools that you can easily obtain instead of reinventing the wheel.

Designing effective OKRs [Panel]

Aniela Crisan, Whitney O'Banner, Antonio Verardi and Heidi Waterhouse

Panel about OKRs in general and in tech teams. I really enjoyed Whitney’s take on this. Her talk from 2019 “Setting Objectives and Key Results in your team” is also worth a watch.
Another related talk watching from 2018, which was also played during one of the technical glitches in this conference is “Goal-Setting Workshops for Managers” by Melinda Seckington.

Apps, stacks, and frameworks: avoiding “Shiny Object” syndrome

Angel Rivera

This talk was quite random, but still interesting. He talked about his experience of using a new shiny technology (MongoDB) without having any expertise in this himself or in the team. 

Risky business: taking risks in production

Matthew Hawthorne and Leemay Nassery

How to manage risk by using a/b tests, metrics, testing, …

Building and conveying vision [Panel]

Neha Batra, Lawrence Bruhmuller, Kevin Goldsmith and Maria Gutierrez

How to create and convey a message to your team.

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Easter Links

Swift: Google’s bet on differentiable programming

Register now for the DevOps Online Summit 2020! — Help! I need a geocoder.

A Day in the Life of a Backend Product Engineer at Slack*

Build versus buy.

3 steps for leaders to take in emergencies

Paper debugging

10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL


Apple, Amazon, and Common Enemies

All Microsoft events will be held online until July 2021

Announcing the Compose Specification

Introducing our new book “Building Secure and Reliable Systems

The Majestic Monolith can become The Citadel

One Team at Uber is Moving from Microservices to Macroservices

The Citadel Architecture at AppSignal

Podcasts / YouTube

Introduction to Live Coding Music and Visuals

Facebook Messenger Engineering with Mohsen Agsen

The Lead Dev Live

Friday, April 03, 2020

Friday Links

Goto: A Dozen New Masterclasses Are Now LIVE!

Changing the Approach to Debugging in Ruby with TracePoint

AppSignal Now Supports Node.js: Roadmap for the Coming Weeks

Code Search for Google open source projects

Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure

See Everyone with the Google Meet Grid View Extension

Optimizing Ruby Lazy Initialization in TruffleRuby with Deoptimization

Eclipse Theia Offers a ‘True Open Source Alternative to Visual Studio Code’

Pay Analysis Update: Examining Equal Pay at Buffer in 2020


RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

xkcd: Pathogen Resistance

Tech Debt and the Pragmatic Middle Ground

Fedora's Git forge decision


Deploys at Slack

CentOS: Git Forge decision


Sorbet: Typed Ruby with Dmitry Petrashko

What Does COVID-19 Mean for Cities (and Marriages)?

Remote Team Management with Ryan Chartrand

Special: First, be human – Thoughts on the crisis from Reid Hoffman

Universal Basic Income: Alaska Style

Cloud Kitchen Platform with Ashley Colpaart