Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday Links

10 Things I Hate About Remote Work- Part One

From 48k lines of code to 10—the story of GitHub’s JavaScript SDK

Ride Down Into JavaScript Dependency Hell

Kubernetes Security

Business as Abnormal: Every Message We’ve Shared With Our Team (So Far) During COVID-19

Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories

How often does Rust change?

Contact Tracing COVID-19 Infections via Smartphone Apps

Hacklang at Slack: A Better PHP

When should I write an Architecture Decision Record?

The Developer Culture Test: What Defines Places Where Developers Thrive?

Managing scheduled reminders for pull requests

Sawfish phishing campaign targets GitHub users

ELS 2020 happening online, and for free

Minding our stories.

TBM 16/53: The Boring Bits

New AppSignal Feature: Graph Builder

How to create an incident response playbook



Snorkel: Training Dataset Management with Braden Hancock

Software Development Trends 2020: Camille Fournier and Juan Pablo Buritic√°

Overcoming Engineering Leadership Challenges with Farhan Thawar

How to Take Control of Your Time & Get More Done

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