Thursday, April 09, 2020

Easter Links

Swift: Google’s bet on differentiable programming

Register now for the DevOps Online Summit 2020! — Help! I need a geocoder.

A Day in the Life of a Backend Product Engineer at Slack*

Build versus buy.

3 steps for leaders to take in emergencies

Paper debugging

10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL


Apple, Amazon, and Common Enemies

All Microsoft events will be held online until July 2021

Announcing the Compose Specification

Introducing our new book “Building Secure and Reliable Systems

The Majestic Monolith can become The Citadel

One Team at Uber is Moving from Microservices to Macroservices

The Citadel Architecture at AppSignal

Podcasts / YouTube

Introduction to Live Coding Music and Visuals

Facebook Messenger Engineering with Mohsen Agsen

The Lead Dev Live

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