Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday Links

Long-Term Planning

Rands: Technicality

Our data centers now work harder when the sun shines and wind blows

Case Study: 2 Simple Principles to achieve High Code Maintainability

How we reduced latency and cost-to-serve by merging two systems

Is Remote Work Greener? We Calculated Buffer’s Carbon Footprint to Find Out

Clean Code: The Manager’s Guide to Building Quality Software

Failed #SquadGoals

Valve's Proton project has brought 6,500 Windows games to Linux so far

Visualizing the Length of the Fine Print, for 14 Popular Apps

Software Engineering Interviews—the Backblaze Way

Seamless branch deploys with Kubernetes

Linux kernel lockdown, integrity, and confidentiality

How Netflix brings safer and faster streaming experiences to the living room on crowded networks using TLS 1.3

Detecting fake accounts on social networks with SybilEdge

Building a PC, Part IX: Downsizing

Channels Are Free

Vulnerability Finding Using Machine Learning

Setting up the sway window manager on Fedora

Rjp: Friday roundup

Why I stopped using Microservices

Podcasts & YouTube
Monoliths vs Microservices is Missing the Point—Start with Team Cognitive Load - Team Topologies

Visualizing the spread of Coronavirus

Prologue 'The Wire': Way Down in the Hole

Transition from Engineer to Manager: Jeff Perry, Engineering Leadership Coach

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