Friday, December 20, 2019

Christmas Friday Links

How to write Javascript in Rails 6 | Webpacker, Yarn and Sprockets

Scaling Ruby Apps to 1000 Requests per Minute - A Beginner's Guide

Great Teams Break the "Rules" All the Time

Reviewing Pull Requests

Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

The Skip-level 1-1

Organizational Charts

Podcasts / YouTube

Remote Work with Philip Thomas

Basic Income with Floyd Marinescu


GitLab Engineering with Marin Jankovski

Technical Debt

#139 – Pursuing a Mission While Bootstrapping to Millions with John O'Nolan of Ghost

Are The Kids Alright?

Kubernetes at Cruise with Karl Isenberg

Inside the mind of scientist James Lovelock

How does salary work? | Kevin Goldsmith

Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday Links

RedoxOS: Real hardware breakthroughs, and focusing on rustc

OOP Refactoring: from a god class to smaller objects

PHP 7.4.0 released

A Distributed Meeting Primer

The Evolution of Onboarding at Buffer: How We Welcome New Teammates

Open-Sourcing Metaflow, a Human-Centric Framework for Data Science

Testing on the Toilet: Tests Too DRY? Make Them DAMP!

RSA-240 Factored

AWS has new tool for those leaky S3 buckets so, yeah, you might need to reconfigure a few things

Introducing the new Search Console messages

Introducing The North Star Playbook

Fedora Desktops – Memory Footprints

The most copied StackOverflow snippet of all time is flawed!

Finding the Time to Refactor

Rails 1.0 turns 14

Russian Police Raided NGINX Moscow Office, Detained Co-Founders


Emperor complex
Giving peace a chance

Friday, November 29, 2019

Friday Links

Notes on Building Evolutionary Architectures.

7 leadership lessons over 2.5 years

Test Flakiness – Methods for identifying and dealing with flaky tests

How we scaled our design system to unleash Skyscanner’s new brand

Officevibe Just Got A Makeover – And It’s Making Room for Your Teams

How to Play Windows-only Games on Linux with Steam Play

The Fallacy of needing a technical manager

Hey Google, play me the news

Blade Runner Day

JavaScript Errors: An Exceptional History - Part II

Isolating Rails Engines with RuboCop

12 Key Andy Grove Quotes on Leadership from High Output Management

Technical Debt

The Modular Monolith: Rails Architecture

An Engineering Team where Everyone is a Leader

Do engineering managers need to be technical?

Bad Binder: Android In-The-Wild Exploit

The Blue Tape List

Breaking The Walls Between Business and Agile Teams

A detailed comment on the practice of estimation in Software Development – a #NoEstimates post

Configurable Ruby Modules: The Module Builder Pattern

Inefficient Efficiency

The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups | Daniel Coyle | RSA Replay

Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Links

Managing packages with GitHub Packages

Hey! Ho! Ten Years of Go!

Announcing the Bytecode Alliance

How to Write Fast Code in Ruby on Rails

Launch: Basecamp Gets Personal

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q3 2019

Static Typing in Ruby with a Side of Sorbet

Addressing Technical Debt

Slack app in Python series

Scaling in the presence of errors—don’t ignore them

Downsizing the office. Upsizing remote-first.

AWS Begins Sunsetting RIs; Replaces Them With Something Much, Much Better

Hello Netflix! (Manager Readme)

Edward Snowden on surveillance capitalism, the threats facing democracy, and why he doesn't want you to trust him

The Three Questions To Ask Every New Manager, Part Two With Doug Gaff

Bill Gates — How to accelerate history

Friday, November 08, 2019

Friday Links

Do This Now: 8 Ways to Focus your Product Team on Impact, Not Features

To sell your car faster, take a side picture first!

Journey to Product Teams (Infographic)

Management in ten tweets

Git v2.24.0

Forecasting synthetic metrics.

How to Read Performance Metrics in AppSignal

Identifying buggy patches with machine learning

Wil Wheaton: The Purge.

Pack Your Bags – Systemd Is Taking You To A New Home

Microsoft Japan tested a four-day work week and productivity jumped by 40%

Get faster with the new Speed report in Search Console

Firefox will hide push notification requests by default

Sending weekly 5-15 updates.

Jira Cloud for Google Sheets: Automatically Refresh Your Data!

6 remarkable features of the new United Nations open source initiative

Not enough hours in the day? Well, finding more may not help

¡Hola España! An AWS Region is coming to Spain!

A Broken Random Number Generator in AMD Microcode

The current adoption status of cgroup v2 in containers

Creating a Slack App in Python on GCP.


How Zapier Scales Past 100 Engineers, Part One With Doug Gaff

Facebook Products with Peter Deng

Facebook Reflections with Pete Hunt and Nick Schrock

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Friday Links

Dark Web Site Taken Down without Breaking Encryption

Cycling through all the streets in central London

How the Internet Archive is Digitizing LPs to Preserve Generations of Audio

Organic Software Architecture

We Tried ‘Half-Day Fridays.’ Here’s How It Went.

Vint Cerf’s top moments from 50 years of the Internet

Linus Torvalds: 'I'm not a programmer anymore'

Is Google’s new BERT technology another nail in traditional SEO’s coffin?

Carbon Offsetting: What Is It, and Does It Even Work?

Sidekiq Optimization and Monitoring


Change Your Space, Change Your Mind: Architect Donald M. Rattner

Desert Island Disks: Wendell Pierce, actor

Plastic pollution with Richard Thompson

Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Links

Announcing our acquisition of Code Barrel, makers of Automation for Jira

Seniority for Software Engineers: a Tech Talk

Letting Birds scooters fly free

Client Consistency at Slack: Beyond Libslack

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 1 – Pros & Cons

Learnings from the journey to continuous deployment

Do Software Developers Normally Code on Weekends? Work-life Balance and Overtime in the Tech Industry

Towards a Culture of Teams

Skip level meetings: What they are, and exactly how to run them

My Experience with Burnout as a Startup Founder

How Amplitude’s Learning & Development Stipend Fosters Our Growth Mindset

Fast/Slow in 3X: Explore/Expand/Extract

Bezos DDoS'd: Amazon Web Services' DNS systems knackered by hours-long cyber-attack

Publishing on Medium

NordVPN Breached

6 myths about chat etiquette that are slowing you down

Dealing with a production incident after midnight

the big leaps...

Understanding searches better than ever before


Building a World-Class Onboarding Process For Your Software Engineering Team

#1: Eoghan McCabe (CEO at Intercom) on finding your authentic leadership style

#2: Katie Womersley (VP Engineering at Buffer) on managing a fully remote engineering team

#4: Camille Fournier (Author of The Manager's Path) on Manager Readmes... and if you should make one

Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday Links

Software Architecture is Overrated, Clear and Simple Design is Underrated
How We Run Hack Week on a Remote Team
The 5 mistakes you’re likely making in your one-on-one meetings with direct reports
Debugging hidden memory leaks in Ruby
Nobody cares about quality.
How to start blogging
Perl 6 renamed to Raku
Cracking the Passwords of Early Internet Pioneers
The lines of code that changed everything
Basecamp no longer requires Google for two-factor authentication
Launching JavaScript Error Tracking v1.0.
JavaScript Errors: An Exceptional History


Diffbot Infrastructure with Mike Tung
Incident Reproduction with Tammy Butow

Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday Links

Understanding Scheduling Behavior with SchedViz (Google Open Source Blog) 

BPF at Facebook (and beyond)

A forty year career.

Announcing The Buffer Overflow Podcast

The guide to workplace communication channels you didn’t know you needed

Questions to Ask a CEO to Ensure a Healthy Company Culture

Timely: Google Posts H1 Tag Video After H1 SEO Controversy

Investigating the security of Lime scooters

No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS

Podcasts & YouTube

The Toolbox Fallacy

Open Source and Power with Matt Mullenweg

The War on Cars: The Problem With Public Meetings, Part 2

Friday, October 04, 2019

Friday Links

Developer Burnout: How Can a Manager Spot It and Stop It

3 command line games for learning Bash the fu
n way

PostgreSQL 12 released

The path of least resistance towards one backlog

Keeping privacy and security simple, for you

To stay secure online, Password Checkup has your back

Engineering Career Development at Etsy

Don’t burn out, burn down: how we learned to sprint on shifting sands

'We live for gravity biking': deadly sport is way of life in Medellín

Solving documentation for monoliths and monorepos

My Time at Snap

TensorFlow 2.0.0

Hunting Hidden Gems - Tricks to Find Great-fit Developers That Other Hiring Managers Miss

Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Links

The big lie: What it’s like to ride illegally as a woman in Iran

The grandmaster diet: How to lose weight while barely moving

Google Structured Data: Dataset

Richard Stallman resigns from the FSF

Raising Prices is Hard

Tetris challenge: emergency services worldwide go flat-out in viral meme

Warhol Data Recovery

Improving trust in the cloud with OpenStack and AMD SEV

GraphQL: Overlapping Fields Can Be Merged Fast

70 Applications, 15 Teams, 9 Months: Lessons from the Guardian’s “All-In” Move to AW

Zen in the Art of Retrospectives

Business Complexity vs. Implementation Complexity

Microsoft Acquires Semmle, GitHub Now a CVE Numbering Authority

Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning


Open Source Policy with Bruce Perens

Interview with Tim O’Reilly, Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media

How to Make Meetings Less Terrible

Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday Links

Google Engineering Practices Documentation

Want autonomous teams? Improve management!

The (Mostly) Complete History of Grafana UX

Rob's Friday Links

Enabling Developers and Organizations to Use Differential privacy

AI Is Coming for Your Favorite Menial Tasks

Organizing team offsites.

Saying goodbye to the old Search Console

Running GitHub on Rails 6.0

Answers to arguments against 100% coverage

Here They Are: The World's 10 Most Beautiful Offices of 2019

Collaboration vs Increment?

Sparking joy with issue archiving

Evolving “nofollow” – new ways to identify the nature of links

The Lean Portfolio Manifesto: a conversation-starter

The Rise of the Electric Scooter

El mapa de la renta de los españoles, calle a calle

Managing Platform Teams: How to Structure and Run a Great Platform Team – Interview with Karen Cohen


TILING - a short film about Veloviewer Explorer

What makes Homeworld so great? | Unabbreviated Reviews


Why Woodstock still matters

Facebook Parse Acquisition (Part 2) with Ilya Sukhar

#384: David Allen — The Art of Getting Things Done (GTD)

#63 - Vitalik Buterin on better ways to fund public goods, blockchain's failures, & effective giving

Some CEOs try to be ethical. Most of them can't or won't, says "The Enlightened Capitalists" author James O'Toole.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Friday Links Overload

A combination of holidays and everybody posting interesting stuff at the same time created a very long list. YouTube and podcast links are grouped at the bottom.

The usual disclaimer: links are included because I find them interesting, not necessarily because I fully agree with the content.

Topics are usually a mix of software engineering, management, security, urbanism and general nerd interest. 

Understanding Agile with Complete Rate

5 Ways Founders Wreck Their Company Culture (and How to Create a Great Company Culture Instead)

A Tale of Two Data Teams

Night owl or early bird? Take this quiz to discover how your chronotype affects your job

In the Name of Love

Why everything breaks when you reach 25 employees

We Launched a Mastermind Partnership Program To Connect Teammates – Here’s How We Did it

Why Speed Kills Cities

When indexing goes wrong: how Google Search recovered from indexing issues & lessons learned since.

Are SOLID principles Cargo Cult?

Exploiting GDPR to Get Private Information

Buffer’s Evolution and Expansion

Four Ways to Lead Your Software Team to Success

Detecting and Preventing Abuse on LinkedIn Using Isolation Forests

How Does Utilization Impact Lead-time of Work?

Data Hub: A Generalized Metadata Search & Discovery Tool

New Research: Lessons from Password Checkup in action

Rails 6.0: Action Mailbox, Action Text, Multiple DBs, Parallel Testing, Webpacker by default, and Zeitwerk

What does success look like?

Describing fault domains.

PHP and P++

Patch Workflow With Mutt - 2019

Management Area 4: People — Managing to Motivations

SOLID Design: The Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)

Cleaning Up Ruby Strings 13 Times Faster

Evaluating Language Adoption At Scale

Some Thoughts on Estimation

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

Backdoor code found in 11 Ruby libraries

The thud, thud, thud of techno music leaves no space for bad thoughts

License Plate "NULL"

New Sample Page Graphs and Navigation

SOLID Design: The Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)

Type Checking in Ruby — Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

The problem with tooltips and what to do instead

Feature-less Roadmap: The Balance Between Delivering Concrete Features vs. Planning with High-level Themes

How should you structure your engineering team?

Don't get locked up into avoiding lock-in

Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

npm bans terminal ads

The strange fate of a person falling into a black hole

Our ‘Growth Mindset’ Fund Gives Every Teammate $800/Year – Here’s How and Why

Don’t @#$% the Planet

The Inherited Hook Method in Ruby - and More Parenting Lessons

Continuous Compliance

Firefox Update Automatically Blocks Third-Party Tracking For All Users

Today in "IP Over Avian Carriers" news

The Doghouse: Crown Sterling

Four key metrics

Reaching new heights in the cloud


A Brief History of Graphics

Music Albums on Game Cartridges (C64 & Megadrive)


How the Canadian Public Service is Creating a Talent Cloud of Free Agents

An Elegant Puzzle Virtual Book Club

Using Checklists For Onboarding Success, with Radoslav Stankov

TWOC Bonus: Barcelona’s Superblocks with David Roberts of Vox.

Are All Women Engineers Like You?, with Rukmini Reddy

Interview with Will Larson, Head of Foundation Engineering at Stripe, and Author of An Elegant Puzzle

Technical Onboarding with Kristen Gallagher

Das Four Tendencies Framework (mit Amy Dallas) (Interview in English)

Als Introvertierter in der IT (mit Renato Pelizzari da Silva) (Interview in English)

Facebook Scaling with Pedram Keyani

Facebook Release Engineering with Chuck Rossi

Facebook Engineering Process with Kent Beck

Facebook Parse Acquisition (Part 1) with Charity Majors