Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday Links

5 Steps to Become More Comfortable Using Data

Managing technical debt

What is technical debt?

It can’t be left to Europe’s cities to clean up noxious air

Working Fast and Slow

Am I micromanaging my team?

How we keep Search relevant and useful

JavaScript Iterators and Iterables

Who's afraid of a big bad optimizing compiler?

What is Silverblue?

Two Years Ago, We Started Building a Product that Now Earns Over $500,000. Here’s How We Did it.

Zoom Vulnerability

Google's Project Dragonfly 'terminated' in China

Code Review: Create The Culture, Learn The Best Practices

Protecting private browsing in Chrome

What you should really measure in your annual performance reviews (and why)


Facebook Engineering Culture with Raylene Yung

An Elegant Puzzle, Part 1 with Will Larson

Facebook PHP with Keith Adams

Germany’s climate change frontline

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