Sunday, August 15, 2010


Onion Bhaji
Last week I finally checked out Bembi. It is supposed to be one of the few good Indian restaurants in Barcelona. As with Chinese restaurants it seems to be very difficult to find a good one in the rather large selection of Indian restaurants.

I went for the lunch menu, which probably doesn't represent the overall quality because it is rather cheap at about 14€.

The restaurant itself is nicely decorated and non-smoking.

For starters I had the a bit greasy Onion Bhaji, fried onion fritters with a sweet sauce.

The mains was Chicken Assadh, a green curry style dish with a saffron flavoured rice.
And for desert the Gulab Jamun, a very nice cinnamon flavoured ice with milk caramel.

Overall the lunch was a good average experience and made me want to check out the taster menu, which is a bit more expensive but probably better quality.

Consell de Cent 377
08009 Barcelona

Chicken Assadh
Gulab Jamun
Menu del Dia

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  1. Christof!

    Do you know that we drive 223km from Andorra just to get take-away from the Bembi Indian restaurant?! :)

    Anyway, we really like it however, its become somewhat expensive if you order off the main menu like we do. :(

    Greetings from Andorra and keep up with the great Blog!