Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Kindle Oasis 2 (2017)

I am a relatively long user of the Kindle. I got my first Kindle Keyboard in November 2010 and had to replace it twice, once for theft and once because a broken display.

I liked it so much that I was never tempted to switch to one of the newer versions. Most of them come with better displays, back-light, are smaller and lighter, but at the same time remove one feature that I especially like: the page turning buttons.

Last year's Oasis changed that, but the weird charging case turned me off.

Kindle Oasis 2 2017
The 2017 version finally convinced me to upgrade. I like the idea of waterproofed devices, slightly larger display, good back-light and mainly page turning buttons.

I ordered it straight away and received it on the day it was released. It arrived in the usual simple packaging, half charged and nothing in the box besides a micro USB cable.

I read my first book on it already, so I can have a quick review.

So lets start with the good things:

The size is pretty much perfect, even though it has a bigger display it is much smaller and lighter than my previous very old one.

The display is brilliant, including the back-light. Even though I never complained about my old Kindle's display, the new one is obviously better and I can finally read in the dark.

I guess the waterproofing is nice, though I haven't tested it.

The software is much faster and has more features. The goodreads integration that I know from the Android Kindle App is nice. The setup was much faster and it is easy to join WiFi networks.

I have the WiFi + 3G version, which is convenient if you are traveling and want to buy a book at some location without WiFi.

Now the bad stuff:

Micro-USB? In 2017? Really? Not a big problem though, it is still probably used in 95% of the places. Just annoying to switch sides three times every time to align it correctly.

My main gripe: the ergonomics of the device. I know the flush display and metal back look nice, but it just doesn't feel nice. I blame Apple for the obsession with aluminium and glass backs. They feel cold in the hand and the corners are sharp. Compare this to the nicely rounded corners of the Kindle Keyboard, which allows for a nice grip without cutting in your hand or making them cold.
Oasis Case and Kindle Keyboard

I thought I also buy the leather case to make the whole device feel nicer, but besides being ridiculous expensive it also makes the whole thing heavier and doesn't solve the problem of the sharp corners on the front of the device.

My hope is that someone will create a nice silicone case that wraps around the corners and gives a good grip. It will probably be silly cheap too, if it isn't from Amazon.

It still feels better than a lot of books though.

The Oasis is also not cheap.


+ size & weight
+ display
+ waterproofed
+ software

- Micro-USB
- ergonomics
- case
- expensive

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