Friday, November 23, 2018

Friday Links

Stripe’s Will Larson on Designing a Performance Management System from Scratch

Have tech perks gone too far?

New – Train Custom Document Classifiers with Amazon Comprehend

Headcount dilemmas.

Configuration as code

JWZ: Weird Machines

Google News may shut over EU plans to charge tax for links

Worst-Case Thinking Breeds Fear and Irrationality

How your office building is tricking you into going green

From Maker to Manager: How to Take the Leap

Self Documenting Code vs. Comments? Turns Out It’s Both or Neither

New – Amazon Route 53 Resolver for Hybrid Clouds

Information Attacks against Democracies

If you want an open company culture, start this one habit

New – Predictive Scaling for EC2, Powered by Machine Learning

I was a CRUDoholic

I hate manager READMEs

Why Good Developers Write Bad Unit Tests

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