Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Links

From zero to a million users: how to quickly grow a successful tech team

Expediting changes to Google+

JWZ: Pete Shelley, screensaver and demoscene pioneer

Reducing gender bias in Google Translate

Our learnings from adopting GraphQL

The latest on Messages, Allo, Duo and Hangouts

Make sure Google can see lazy-loaded content

How to Surface Open Source Copyright Notices and License Texts in a Phone App

Imagining new ways to learn Morse code’s dots and dashes

Microsoft is building its own Chrome browser to replace Edge

Bad Consumer Security Advice

Jason Evanish: CEO & Founder of Lighthouse

Designing Work for Introverts

Continuous Improvement vs. Big Launch Mentality: Which is Better for Product Marketing?

Coupling in Programming: What This Means and How Not to Get Burned

Big news: Know Your Company is now Know Your Team

Google Image best practices

How ShiftLeft Uses PostgreSQL Extension TimescaleDB

I ran a ludicrously complex engineering project (and survived)

194 years of downtime: looking back on incident data from 2018

Serverless Slack bot on Lambda with Ruby (and what’s the less pleasant part about it)

Introducing Action Mailbox for Rails 6

Migrations: the sole scalable fix to tech debt.

Why Managers Should Reveal Their Failures

Babies, books, and more: Buffer’s 2018 in numbers

Find your next agile conference!

New Australian Backdoor Law

Modernizing the Web Playback UI

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