Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Links

From bare-metal to Kubernetes

Major Browsers to Prevent Disabling of Click Tracking Privacy Risk

To innovate, first deprecate.

Magnitudes of exploration.

Why Setting Ambitious Goals Backfires

Having it both ways: Larry Wall, Perl and the technology and culture of the early web


The 70-20-10 Rule for Innovation

The new and improved Jira Software Cloud and GitHub integration

Developers love Python and TypeScript, get paid for Clojure, and aren’t using blockchain

StackOverflow: Developer Survey Results

Gmail making email more secure with MTA-STS standard

Confluence Cloud reimagined: 15+ new features (and counting!)

Search Console reporting for your site's Discover performance data

Malicious remote code execution backdoor discovered in the popular bootstrap-sass Ruby gem

How Banksy Authenticates His Work

Subscription Hostages

Native image lazy-loading for the web!


The Guardian: Greta Thunberg: how her school strike went global – podcast

Rework: Subscription Hostages

BBC: Will AI kill development?

Tim Ferriss: #367: Eric Schmidt — Lessons from a Trillion-Dollar Coach

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