Friday, August 09, 2019

Friday Links

Meet Yabeda: A Ruby instrumentation framework

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q2 2019

Code as Craft: Understand the role of Style in e-commerce shopping

How We Think About Time Off As a Global Team

Big Ball of Mud

On Paper; Or: how not to look like a dick in meetings

California farmers are planting solar panels as water supplies dry up

Building a First Team Mindset

Hosting a Paper Reading Group

More on Backdooring (or Not) WhatsApp

Reclaim unreasonable software.

A lesson in agile: How one team ended dependency delays

Management Area 4: People, Part 1 — Understanding Motivations

SOLID Design: The Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

Linux Journal ceases publication

How We Keep Learning

Gesture Navigation: A Backstory

GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories

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