Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Links

My Pandemic Zoom Setup

Two Years With Rust

Helping FOSS conferences in the face of a pandemic

O'Reilly shutting down its conference group

How to Run a Successful Online Conference

Video conferencing with Jitsi

Remote Working: The home office desks of Basecamp

The Housekeeping of the Intangible

Podcasts / YouTube

Setting Objectives and Key Results in your team | Whitney O'Banner | #LeadDevLondon

Goal-Setting Workshops for Managers - Melinda Seckington | #LeadDevLondon 2018

Beauty In Code

How to Implement Good Software Development Processes with Eric Elliott

The Side Effects of Social Distancing

Emergency episode: Rob & Howie on the menace of COVID-19, and what both governments & individuals might do to help

Social distancing: learning to cope with a new normal

Engineer to manager and back again

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