Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Links 21-08

Keanu Reeves Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions
Keanu plays with puppies
Back on the podcast train! Some interesting management stuff this week and a big bag of random puppies links.



Influencing, Inspiring, & Failing? with Sophie Weston [Podcast] - great interview with a senior devops about management, agile and devops  

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Burned Out - please do 

Follow the Incentives, Waze Edition - Kent Beck started a new blog. Good points about incentives for people at companies. 

The State of Remote Work from Gitlab, Buffer and Spotify - great summary from different companies 

Measure Software Delivery Performance with Four Key Metrics - I haven't read the book yet, but everybody seems just to summarise it in these four metrics


Troubleshooting ActiveRecord Performance - AppSignal continues to promote their product with nice blog articles! 

XScreenSaver version 6 beta 1 - the best useless app and now more secure!

How Etsy Prepared for Historic Volumes of Holiday Traffic in 2020 - I miss regular Code As Craft posts, this one shows how much you can do with historic data to prepare your infrastructure for future peaks 

Beyond REST - Netflix doing GraphQL


#91 – Lewis Bollard on big wins against factory farming and how they happened [Podcast] - great interview about factory farming, meat replacement and more

Sounding the alarm: How noise hurts the heart - another form of pollution we often don't think about

Study finds ‘new car smell’ contains high levels of carcinogens - oops


Set children free: are playgrounds a form of incarceration? - playgrounds were invented because of cars, not for children

Howl's Moving Victorian Time-Lapse - everybody has seen the moving house in SF, this has a nice video. I am just fascinated by how zoning laws and financial incentives make this a good idea 

From our correspondent in Barcelona - a very positive view on Barcelona changes in cycling infrastructure  

Neues Fahrrad vergeblich gesucht [German] - bicycles are sold out in Germany too 

The WORST Bike Lane In The WORLD ? ( Analysis of Gambetta Avenue - bicycle route, the return) [YouTube] - this went a bit viral. It is awful and needs some work

Japanese website maps neighbourhoods that have noisy children - useful! :-)

Random Puppies

Dead Puppies [YouTube] - old video I cam across again ... sometimes you just can't put the finger on the problem 

#104 Nir Eyal: Mastering Indistraction [Podcast] - about distraction in life and work

Before You Pay for Spotify's "HiFi," Test Your Hearing - thankfully I am so old that sound quality doesn't matter any more

Save and rave! How a compilation of pirate radio adverts captures a lost Britain - blast from the past!

Daft Punk, French electronic music duo, split up after 28 years - sad, but I couldn't remember when and what they did last

It's a Sin: a nurse reflects on the Aids crisis of the 80s [Podcast] - Aids was and still is one of the biggest pandemics ever affecting humans. And we handled it so badly in the beginning.

Koffein: Wie Heike Le Ker gesund wach bleibt [Podcast, German] - about caffeine by an addict. For fun try replacing caffeine with cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs while listening

Sideways: Siding with the Enemy [Podcast] - about Stockholm Syndrome. I didn't know much more about the name, this is more critical about the origin and how we use it now

Ways For Introverts to Get Their Energy Back When Other Humans Suck It Out of Them - I got reminded to take care of myself more

Coronavirus vaccination: Live data tracker - there is another one from FT

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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