Friday, August 06, 2021

Friday Links 21-27

Comic strip: How to Motivate your Team
Basic Instructions
No random section today! 

I am catching up with my podcasts and really enjoyed the one about Sad Days

It also seems that climate change will affect more of our life sooner than most expected.


How to Motivate Your Team [Comic] - another good strip from Basic Instructions

We should allow sad days, not just sick days [Podcast] - I certainly could have used a few sad days ... and maybe I took them

Vaccines and our return-to-office plans - Google is going to require vaccination 

Incentives Change Marginal Behavior - you can't do much more than nudge with incentives 

CL XL: Under and Over - Tim about "construction" - under-promise, over-deliver

The SaaS Org Chart - random made up org-chart for inspiration


Optimizing People You May Know (PYMK) for equity in network creation - LinkedIn improving their recommendation engine

TBM 32/52: The Form That Stole 20,531,250 Seconds - my general tip: avoid as many validation as possible

Lorin Hochstein (Netflix) [Podcast] - another Staff Engineering episode, this one is pretty good and down to earth. Also really going into resilience and managing up. 

cube composer - nice game to learn about map/filter/reject/...

Visibility - another cycling / engineering analogy 

New Recruiter & Jobs: The largest enterprise data migration at LinkedIn - full strategy of a massive migration

Design? - Ron musing about software design 

Connecting with Mob Programming - I never got into either pair or mob programming, but I imagine it would be fun for a while


A GPSD time warp [LWN] - ntp daemon is going to break this year

Backblaze Drive Stats for Q2 2021 - looking at SSDs too

Disrupting Ransomware by Disrupting Bitcoin

"There is no single silver bullet to disrupt either cryptocurrencies or ransomware. But enough little disruptions, a “death of a thousand cuts” through new and existing regulation, should make bitcoin no longer usable for ransomware. And if there’s no safe way for a criminal to collect the ransom, their business model becomes no longer viable."


Climate crisis: Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse - lovely 

Is remote working better for the environment? Not necessarily - certainly not when I work from home, until I get solar panels. 

Scientists consider slashing a leap second from time as Earth spins at its fastest in half a century - see also the gpsd article by LWN above

Water Pirates - I see people here getting water in small containers from public fountains. I still don't know why.

Today in Murder Offsets - "Bootleg Fire is burning up carbon offsets"

11 Years Ago, Foothill Transit Got 3 Electric Buses. Are They Ready for More? - I don't know what is going wrong with electric buses in the US, they seem to work fine in other countries. Maybe go with "Made Outside The USA"? 

Punk Powder from Muc Off makes much needed dent in cycling industry's single use plastic pile - I really love what Muc-Off is doing. It is silly to ship liquid around, which is really just water with a tiny bit of ingredients.


Cargo bikes deliver faster and cleaner than vans, study finds - the surprises keep on coming 

The Meatpacking District is doing away with vehicle traffic permanently on these streets - nice to see that some of these changes stick

Motor City Of Birmingham To Throttle Short Car Journeys - I like this kind of splitting up of cities and making cross city trips longer

New Highway Code To Rule That Motorists Should Cede Priority To Pedestrians And Cyclists - the shit-storm by the poor motorist didn't take long

What empty offices mean for America’s cities — and workers - it means that you designed your cities wrong by separating living and working

Other Links 

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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