Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Links 21-34

Lego Cassette
Lego Compact Cassette
Catching up and dreaming of a four day work week. 


The Sabotage List - nice idea to collect the stuff you are probably not going to do for reasons

Always do Extra - if you have slack, do extra, not more of the same

How to Understand the Power Structure [Comic] - funny :-) 

How Amazon Raised the Hiring Bar and Leveraged Narratives for Decision-Making (with Colin Bryar, Former Amazon VP) [Podcast] - interesting, but most things probably don't apply to my or your job 

Want a More Productive Morning Routine? “Pay” Yourself First - I have to work on this, though I already improved a bit. "No mobile before work" for example. 

That Burning Feeling When You’re Right - being right alone is not enough


Lessons from 10k hours of programming [Podcast] - this is a fun discussion about learnings from too many years of programming 

Incident Review and Postmortem Best Practices - some good practices and ideas for incident reviews

Dungeon 251 - talking about the "Second System Syndrome"

A complete guide to code reviews - very good overview ... you have to figure out what you want to optimise for 

Worst Case - planning for worst case AWS outages 

The Original Remote Developer [Podcast] - fun story about Paul Lutus the developer of Apple Writer


You Can Now Directly Read Data Logs From Tesla Vehicles (Jalopnik) - this would be even nicer if it would really be open

Adventures in Amiga land part 1 - so great people are still writing code for the (virtual) Amiga

Security Risks of Client-Side Scanning - Schneier provides some more context

Try Out YJIT for Faster Rubying - Ruby gets a bit less slow 

Using Machine Learning to Predict Hard Drive Failures - not very useful at this time

The European Parliament Voted to Ban Remote Biometric Surveillance - go Europe!


Make the most of hybrid work with Google Workspace - some new and old features from Google to improve hybrid work

Set aside time for focus in Google Calendar - did we really need a pandemic for this feature?

Remote teams will always need in-person interaction to succeed - interesting to see this from a company that is quite vocal about remote 

Could a shorter workweek be in your future? - I can't imagine it working for myself, but this will come 

Desigual workers vote in favor of 6.5% pay cut in exchange for four-day workweek - I take up to a 20% cut, no problem

Does the 4 Day Work Week Really Work? Gallup and real companies have the true answer.  - interesting stats, but then it derails a bit


UK public now eating significantly less meat - still too much though

What made us doubt climate change? [Podcast] - lies

Updating our ads and monetization policies on climate change - Google is doing something about the lies. See also Google and YouTube will cut off ad money for climate change deniers


Vision Zero Reporting - I hope this catches on in the international media

The +1/-2, biking to a suburban hardware store challenge, in Barcelona! [YouTube] - Barcelona didn't do so well 

Barcelona’s ambitious plan to transform the city for pedestrians and green space - slow moving plan

Europe’s best walking cities: Six wonders of the wandering world - I thought Barcelona be on there, but while it is walkable it isn't nice with all the cars

Random Lego

Lego to remove gender bias from its toys after findings of child survey - nice ... this should be normal

Teen Spirit: Nevermind at 30 [Podcast] - maybe I am just a bit too old, but I never really got into it. Rereading Generation X is on my list though.

In Place of War: Around the World in 80 Raves - Techno for a good cause

Puppy perks: should workers get three weeks of paid leave to bond with a new pet? - yes please, but also at least two months per puppy and consecutive if you have more at once

Intro to Cassette Recorder Operation, Maintenance, and Repair - this will be useful in the future. I still have two decks to fix

On an Endless Loop: Tracking the Cassette Renaissance in 2021 - fun to see the new kids joining

This makes a change - a Boombox with a unique feature [YouTube] - I seem to have developed an addiction to tape changers

When Facebook went down this week, traffic to news sites went up - interesting

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Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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