Friday, April 29, 2022

Friday Links 22-14

Old rotary phone
Rotary Phone

The paper about traffic safety messages is very surprising and interesting. 

If you don't measure your change you might make the wrong assumptions.


Visualizing Team Dependencies with a Team API - aka team agreement

Founding Uber SRE. - I am pretty sure he is too modest. Interesting that hiring was so fast back then. 

Episode #4: Nothing In Nothing Out - I never seen a good use of Jira for metrics, maybe something to aim for at $NEXTJOB


Burnout, Buffer’s State of Remote Work, and Lessons from Super Pumped [Podcast] - I liked only the first two parts. 

The world's WFH expert is confident for offices [Podcast] - as much as we hate it, most people will work in hybrid environments


Infiltrating the Auto Show II [Podcast] - how to say: "we added some orange bits" in many words

Can behavioral interventions be too salient? Evidence from traffic safety messages - unintended consequences 

ADAC ruft zum Fahrradfahren auf [German] - German car club recommends to use the bicycle for the trip to the bakery instead of the SUV. (insert sound of hell freezing over) 

Free Public Transit Is Not a Climate Policy - I confess I was a fan of free transport, but I changed my mind for other reasons. Frequency is more important and it should be cheap enough.

Random Phones

Rotary Un-Smartphone - you can buy one now!

Barcelona phone booth library vandalised a day after opening - that is why we can't have nice things

GNOME patent troll stripped of patent rights - nice to see, lets make that happen more often

Seven hours’ sleep is ideal amount in middle to old age, study finds - tell that to our dogs! I wish I had seven hours uninterrupted sleep.

Antigone [Podcast] - I nearly skipped this one, but it is great. I love Greek stories and this one seems lovely, with a connection to the present. 

Maybe [Comic] - "Maybe I'll make some changes today"

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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