Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Links 22-16

Cassette mix desk with Japanese caption
Cassette Mix Deck
I skipped last week because I was on the bicycle. 

Sorry about the length today and the many podcasts. I had a lot of listening time.


TBM 22/52: The Perfect Manager/Leader - "I see people putting themselves under so much pressure to be the perfect manager or leader."

Radical Candor S4. Ep 7: Radically Candid Conversations — Kim Scott & Russ Laraway [Podcast] - this was a good episode of that podcast. I like that he doesn't care about the difference between leadership and management any more :-)

From PayPal Mafia to Viral Startups: How David Sacks Leads Growth at Iconic Companies (with David Sacks, General Partner at Craft Ventures) - some really good tips on leadership and what not to worry about 

The great tech hiring slowdown - it hasn't quite reached Europe yet

Resources for leading through crises - collection of Lara Hogan's post related to this. Good to keep bookmarked as there will be more crises.

Productivity Focus - productivity should be only a tools towards another goal 

What do great engineering managers need to know about compensation and equity? - I have been in salary band & career path meetings again :-)


Mitigating cognitive bias when coding [Podcast] - interesting to see how biases can change our approach to programming problems

Rust: A Critical Retrospective - my learning of Rust has sadly grind to a halt 

Using Scientist to Refactor Critical Ruby on Rails Code - apparently I landed at another Ruby shop ... expect more Ruby links

The 5 Categories of Engineering Metrics - quick overview

Episode #6: Paying Back Technical Debt With Help From Metrics - interesting to include "onboarding lead time" in there. I can definitely see that. 

Shopify Invests in Research for Ruby at Scale - good to see 

3 Reasons OKRs Are Great For Software Engineering Teams (And Some Drawbacks) - "Writing good OKRs is difficult" ... this is probably where most teams fail


Are we in denial? is Work From Anywhere our destiny? [Podcast] - I am fully remote now, but Raj mentions how important seeing each other regularly is. Lets call it extreme hybrid. 

Bay View is open — the first campus built by Google - meanwhile in office news...


Saudi Aramco eclipses Apple to once again become the world's most valuable company - the climate crisis is going well

The ‘carbon bombs’ set to blow up the world’s climate pledges [Podcast] - we should just give ... or did we give up already?


Detective Superintendent Andy Cox [Podcast] - every city should have an Andy Cox. He does such a great job of communicating the problems of bad driving

Peaje Urbano - Barcelona '22 [Catalan] - a couple of organizations in Barcelona a lobbying for a city toll 

How to Learn About Other People's Obscure Interests [Comic] - crossover with Not Just Bikes :-)

Why Do So Many Motorists Feel Persecuted When In Reality They Rule The World? - two words: "entitlement" "privilege" 

Kidical Barcelona - just brilliant, now lets normalize it and let them cycle everywhere every day 

Urban Growth Boundaries: Effective or Worthless? [YouTube] - this comes up in London regularly if I remember correctly. I didn't know that some cities treat these boundaries as expandable 

The Gym of Life [YouTube] - if your city allows you to walk/cycle everywhere you don't need a gym

Car-free neighborhoods share simple patterns: key design tips [YouTube] - these look so cool

Can Sustainable Suburbs Save Southern California? - no

The Struggle of Living in NYC [YouTube] - partly applies to London too, though London is way better than NYC

Random Mixes

FULL CASSETTE | ALL GENRE MIX set | ooedotechnica [YouTube] - what is this brilliant piece of magic! A fricking cassette tape mix machine!

Is your identity keeping you from change? [Podcast] - turns out my coach has a podcast! This is a topic that I have been thinking about recently. I always introduce myself as "programmer", but that isn't even true any more. Times of change are also times to invent yourself. 

Is Emotional Intelligence Really So Important? | No Stupid Questions [Podcast] - I am a bit critical of EI, often it seems to be used to say "shut up and deal with it"

HMV No 11 Gramophone Pick-up Restoration [YouTube] - how has this guy only a 1000 subscribers? He is brilliant! 

How Vladimir Putin rejuvenated Nato [Podcast] - he is good for something!

Marcos’ myths: the dictator’s son rewriting history in the Philippines [Podcast] - I am so sorry for my friends in the Philippines. And the current president was awful too. 

RIP the iPod. I resisted you at first, but for 20 years, you were my musical life - I was very close to buy some mp3 player or a Walkman, but a mobile is just too convenient. I do hate streaming though.  

NFT sales plummet 92% as market ‘collapses’ - I hope this continues. I predicted it should have happened earlier ... so don't ask me for advice 

Strava: Mark Gainey and Michael Horvath [Podcast] - how Strava got to be


Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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