Friday, October 14, 2022

Friday Links 22-33

AI art generated image: man between two gorillas in front of modern city

I forgot about the bottleneck series, the new part about Product v Engineering is nice. 

William Shatner's reflections on space are also not what I expected.


How Slack’s SVP Approaches Culture, Focuses on Outcomes, and Provides Flexibility (with Brian Elliott, Executive Leader of Future Forum and Senior Vice President) [Podcast] - Plenty of good ideas in here. I like the hybrid meeting moderator and surveying your teams. 

“Should I create a Performance Improvement Plan for my direct report?” - good Playbook on why and when to start a PIP. 

Reminiscing: the retreat to comforting work. - I have been guilty of reminiscing and snacking 

Failed #SquadGoals - an old post about the "Spotify Model" and suggestions to improve it

Bottleneck #03: Product v Engineering - numerous things I recognise happening around me and bad smells I have seen too, especially the "us vs them" attitude.

Making Finance Fun: The Motley Fool's Errand - I like the idea. It is kind of like chaos engineering for HR.
"a monthly company wide drawing takes place to find the employee selected to run a Fool’s Errand. [...], that person is forced to take two weeks off and cut off all contact from the office. [...] The Motley Fool’s ultimate goal is to make sure each team can operate while any member is out. "
How to plan? - not too much


A Love Letter to React Native - someone coming from native apps and PWAs

Fewer, happier incident heroes. - I noticed the jumping on incidence in a previous job. Having a well-defined incidence process can really help.


How We Set Communications Expectations As A Fully Remote Team - good idea to write these down. Often the expectation is that everybody is naturally aligned. 

Pay Transparency: What you need to know for 2023 - it is coming, better prepare.

Job Search Retrospective (2022 edition) - Julie has a great blog with many insights and good ideas about jobs. Also see: Anatomy of Julie's Job Search


Road Space Comparison [Comic] - XKCD joins the war on cars! 

'It's a scam': Even after $100 billion, self-driving cars are going nowhere - another $100 billion and another 10 years will surely fix this 

Developing and implementing 20-mph speed limits in Edinburgh and Belfast: mixed-methods study [Paper] - "the overall percentage reduction in casualty rates was 39%"

Cities around the world offered chance to win $1m to build cycle lanes  - money is usually not the problem, political will is

Male drivers three times more likely to be in road collisions with pedestrians - I am not surprised

Random Gorillas

Case of The Missing Gorilla [Podcast] - multitasking doesn't work, even for women

Making a Fremen Thumper [Video] - you never know when you need it [Podcast] - "a podcast that is entirely generated by artificial intelligence." - scary

‘It felt like a funeral’: William Shatner reflects on voyage to space - not quite what he expected. (Also:  William Shatner: My Trip to Space Filled Me With ‘Overwhelming Sadness’ (EXCLUSIVE) and Blue Origin crew returns from edge of space [YouTube])

‘Absurd’: British Cycling faces backlash after announcing partnership with Shell - what were they thinking? Money, probably. 

1979 Technics Tape Deck Repair (RS-M17) [YouTube] - tape deck repairs are my favourite

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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