Friday, April 14, 2023

Friday Links 23-12

Random neon signs
Many videos about urbanism from the last two weeks. 

The articles from LinkedIn about measuring developer productivity and happiness and the one about slack by Marting Fowler are also great.  

This week we also have a short "Music" section. 

Leadership - a simple tool to choose a decision process … mostly useful for the overview of processes.

Inside Look: Measuring Developer Productivity and Happiness at LinkedIn - both difficult to measure, this is one approach.

Slack - "Slack is the policy of deliberately leaving time that isn't allocated for stories, using that time for unplanned work. Although this seems inefficient, it usually yields a significant improvement for the productivity of a team."

Manager Impact on Report Performance 


Building GitHub with Ruby and Rails - if something hurts, do it more often. And Rails upgrades do hurt. 

Chasing rainbows - designing for the colour-blind.


This is fine:

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport To Reduce Emissions With Private Jet Ban, Cancelling New Runway 


Vienna: Getting housing right [Podcast] - affordable housing in Vienna. It works because they are not selling, but some are not happy with this approach.

538. A Radically Simple Way to Boost a Neighborhood [Podcast] - investing not in fancy centres, but areas that need support.

An Urbanist Visits the Last City Built by the Soviet Union - Slavutych, Ukraine [YouTube] - that doesn't look too bad for a city built from scratch.

Getting bike lanes built quickly and cheaply [YouTube] - build temporary, consult, build permanent.

Mikael is doing a series about Paris:

Bike Lanes Have A Deadly Design Flaw - Cheddar Explains  [YouTube] - they lack protection

Less Cars, More Money: My Visit to the City of the Future "In other words, the changes are so obvious, and the amount of win/win synergy so great, that every step we take towards making our cities better, and every car trip we eliminate, will absolutely explode our personal and national wealth upwards for generations to come. "

Warsaw is a Monumental City that RECLAIMED its Waterfront from Cars! [YouTube] - another nice European city 

The Catholic argument against 15-minute cities - one would hope that his is a joke ... apparently it isn't. 

Lessons from the Bike Bus Summit - considering the target group and future growth.


‘We swap mystical ideas and tips on facial hair care’: the caretakers of Andrew Weatherall’s legacy - brings me back to my time in London.

You can now download 900 hours of Andrew Weatherall DJ mixes - on it!

A short film about techno for audiophiles - it is surprisingly difficult to find some of this stuff. I also ended up looking for Hi-res techno, which is even harder. 

Club culture in the 90s and 00s – in pictures 

You can keep your nostalgic club nights – in my 50s, I’ve discovered the magic of the rave 

Random Words

Do We Need a New Word for 'Happiness'? Katie Couric talks to Dr Laurie Santos [Podcast] "Laurie's asked to define happiness; outline the best steps to reach it; and give an honest appraisal of her own struggles to flourish each and every day."

This Thai cycling enthusiast owns some of the rarest bicycles in the world | Remarkable Living  [YouTube] - that is quite an amazing collection and space.

Hungarian Old Computers 

ZX Spectrum Deluxe Collectors Box Now Available For Pre-order - I wasn't a Spectrum user, but this looks pretty cool. 

Blue Lights review – don’t sleep on this fantastically tense Belfast cop show - this started slow, but I did enjoy it in the end.

Other Links

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes, though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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