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Friday Links 24-02

Cheese on a plate

I am well impressed by the transparency of Atlassian on going distributed and Buffer about their salary report. Both a worth a read.


Overcoming toxic positivity with Susan David [Podcast] - toxic positivity is only a small part of this interesting conversation. 

ADRs and RFCs: Their Differences and Templates  - I think nowadays ADRs are more common, maybe not always useful. 

Zombie leadership: Dead ideas that still walk among us [Paper] - some bad ideas of leadership that are still around. 

Navigating ambiguity. - "In my experience, navigating deeply ambiguous problems is the rarest skill in engineers, and doing it well is a rarity."

Those five spare hours each week. - writing code in a leadership role? 

Layers of context. - many layers to consider when thinking about change.


Lessons learned: 1,000 days of distributed at Atlassian - many insights from Atlassian going distributed and how they want to improve in the future. A few good links to go deeper into the information and report. 

Don’t Sleep With Your Boss. - that title is very misleading, this is about remote work. 

Introducing our Open Salary System: Reflecting on a Decade of Transparent Salaries at Buffer - in-depth look into the salary system of Buffer. It is great how open they are with this. There is so much to learn from.


The Scary Thing About Automating Deploys  - "Fear of breaking production holds many teams back from automating their deployments, but understanding how deployment monitoring differs from normal monitoring opens the door to simple, effective tools."

Scaling Challenge Leaderboards for Millions of Athletes - Strava's approach. 

Parser IF disambiguation hassles - I like reading about these old text adventure systems. Zarf explains them well. 

Technical Debt is over-used - "Keeping the code in a healthy state is your job."

On the Evilness of Feature Branching - a whole series, and I don't agree with all of it.


A School Bought Solar Panels and Saved Enough to Give All Its Teachers Raises - it is basically free energy. 

Five examples of the UK’s crackdown on climate protesters - it is pretty remarkable what is happening in what should be a modern country. 

EU fossil fuel CO2 emissions hit 60-year low - still not enough. 

Cataluña roza la emergencia por sequía en más de 200 municipios [Spanish] - my village is on telly. Some areas are getting water delivered by trucks now. In February, we might end up with more restrictions. 

EU bans ‘misleading’ environmental claims that rely on offsetting - nice!


10 Years Car-Free (with Mrs. NJB) [Podcast] - once you are in the right environment, it just happens.

SUVs drive trend for new cars to grow 1cm wider in UK and EU every two years, says report - new cars a basically too big for current parking spaces. 

A Street-Specific Analysis of Level of Traffic Stress Trends in Strava Bicycle Ridership and its Implications for Low-Stress Bicycling Routes in Toronto - "We found that most bicycling occurred on a small fraction of the network, with just 10% of all roads and paths accounting for 75% of all bicycle kilometres travelled in 2022"

Random Cheese

French cheese under threat - the right fungus gone missing!

Solutions Journalism: Ending homelessness the Finnish way [Podcast] - The reporter talks to the people affected, which brings it closer than all the articles I read about the program.

572. Why Is There So Much Fraud in Academia? & 573. Can Academic Fraud Be Stopped? [Podcast] - cool deep dive into the problem and chat with some people involved. 

Improving my Emacs experience with completion - I have to confess that my Emacs completion is still messed up. I haven't even gone into customizing it.

New Thing [Comic] - "week changing event"

Labscam - funny prank - the video is on YouTube

Revisiting Zurich’s 90s techno scene – in pictures - I miss the 90s :-) 

Shelf-absorbed: eight ways to arrange your bookshelves – and what they say about you - I am in the "tiny shelf and a Kindle" camp.

Cassette players for analogue audio lovers as we explore tapes’ slow and steady revival - nice to see some cool classic decks in the article. They will be costly. 

The tyranny of the algorithm: why every coffee shop looks the same - everything will look the same in the future.

I’ve been playing around with making EPUBs look more like print - that's pretty cool and should be built into PDF/EPUB readers.

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kinds of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time, you might notice common themes, though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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