Friday, February 16, 2024

Friday Links 24-05

DeLorean car from side with doors open
by Kevin Abato from Wikipedia

The two leadership podcasts are good this week, both about trust.

I also like the Vision Pro review.


Trust and Inspire With Stephen M.R. Covey 6 | 5  [Podcast] - pretty good episode with a guest talking about trust. 

Jacob Morgan, 5x Best-Selling Author & Futurist [Podcast] - "Futurists" are always suspicious. His premise that being vulnerable without leading doesn't help. 

The PROBLEM With DORA Metrics [YouTube] - besides being just metrics, they also just measure a tiny part of the creation process.


(Almost) Every infrastructure decision I endorse or regret after 4 years running infrastructure at a startup - that is white an extensive list!

I worry our Copilot is leaving some passengers behind - "Why do we accept a product that not only misfires regularly, but sometimes catastrophically?"

Let Me Tell You A Secret - "Ask the Senior Engineers about problems … then tell Leadership about it"

Mastering Programming - Kent Beck's high-level approach. Many good tips in there.


More Lanes are (Still) a Bad Thing [YouTube] - in case you don't know yet.

Seville's Cycling Revolution, 10 times more cycling in 4 years [YouTube] - if you build it, they will come. 

When cycling is 'normalized but marginalized' [YouTube] - true, in many places, and depressing

Train your brain - people don't die of the things you think they die off, and definitely not peanuts.

Random DeLorean

Driving sideways to move forward: Stanford engineers show how an autonomous, drifting DeLorean can improve driver safety - of course you use a DeLorean.

‘You can get home for the 10 o’clock news’: UK ravers fall in love with daytime clubbing - It's music for old people after all.

The Curious Mr. Feynman [Podcast] - profile of one of the Manhattan Project people. He seemed fun.

Tear Down Walls, and Build Bridges - the current Fediverse storm.

Cycling with Apple Vision Pro: The Future? [YouTube] - summary: indoors good, outdoors bad

soundalike - I thought I clean up my music collection again. This doesn't quite work. 

France halts €100-a-month electric car leasing scheme after huge demand - people do want electric cars for reasonable prices. 

RSS is still pretty great - yes! I wonder if anyone is following this blog via RSS/Atom.

The best Bookshops to visit in Amsterdam - I am going soon. 

All My Thoughts After 40 Hours in the Vision Pro - great review. I want something like this, but it has to be open, and not by Apple.

I went into a bit of a tea temperature rabbit hole. These are just part of it:

Other Links

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