Sunday, September 21, 2008


Went to see Magda, Gaiser and Richie Hawtin at the Red Bull Music Academy M_NUS @ BAM.

It started at midnight, which is a more civilised time than the usual 3:00 we get here in Barcelona.

Magda was very good, Gaiser was ok and Hawtin had his good moments. I think Hawtin now has the same problem as Sven Vaeth, he is just too popular and his productions and studio mix sessions are way better than his live sets. It is a pity, because I remember a lot of good parties with him a few years ago.

The visuals were also especially good, I have to find out who created them. Also very minimal, abstract and like a good screensaver. It wasn't a projection, but a enormous LED display wall with one part below the DJ desk.

Very good times, can we have more of this please? 


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