Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My music podcast selection

This are the music podcasts I am listening too at the moment. It is mostly techno, but also house and some dub. And whatever last.fm thinks I would enjoy.

DE:BUG POD - a netaudio podcasthttp://www.de-bug.de/pod/wp-rss2.php
electro house & house & techno mixhttp://djbene.podspot.de/rss
Galaktika Records Podcast: Minimal, Electro and House hottests tunes!http://www.galaktikarecords.com/podcast.xml
Ibiza Voice Music Boxhttp://www.ibiza-voice.com/music/rss_podcast.php
Last.fm free recommended downloads for cdamian'shttp://ws.audioscrobbler.com/2.0/user/cdamian/podcast.xml
Minimal(maximal) Techno DJ mixes by Louis de Bourbonhttp://www.graphicjuice.co.uk/podcast/podcast.xml
Minus Podcast:http://m-nus.com/podcast.xml
NetAudio Russiahttp://www.netaudio.ru/feed
Resident Advisor podcasthttp://www.residentadvisor.net/xml/podcast.xml
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - Acidhttp://starfrosch.ch/download_music/acid/feed
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - Breakshttp://starfrosch.ch/download_music/breaks/feed
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - DJ-Mixhttp://starfrosch.ch/download_music/dj_mix/feed
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - Drum and Basshttp://starfrosch.chdownload_music/drum_and_bass/feed
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - Dubhttp://starfrosch.ch/download_music/dub/feed
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - Electronichttp://starfrosch.ch/download_music/electronic/feed
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - Househttp://starfrosch.ch/download_music/house/feed
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - Minimalhttp://starfrosch.ch/download_music/minimal/feed
Starfrosch - Free MP3 Download - Technohttp://starfrosch.ch/download_music/techno/feed
the fabric podcasthttp://feeds.fabriclondon.com/fabricpodcast

I would upload the OPML file, but blogger.com doesn't allow attachments.

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  1. (imipak / mad_cyril here)
    I'm still listening to a nice bizarre assortment of music - at the electronic end, some good stuff under the label "dubstep" (see the download threads at dubstepforum.com , dubsteplife.com ), and having mined out the Biosphere seam of spooky ambient stuff, last.fm's "Dark ambient" tag also has some interesting artists - e.g., Kammarheit.

    Everything else I have has guitars or people singing, so I guess you're not interested ;)

    I *must* go look for good new techno, I'm very out of date with that stuff. (And I MUST get round to ripping that tape of Hawtin's F.U.S.E. project -- I've never heard anything to surpass it. Yes, I saw your epic of ripping tapes, congrats on completion ;) )