Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's resolutions (Part 2)

I forgot one:

Take more advantage of Barcelona
I did not spend enough time in the Zoo and the Park or the Beach this year. And I did not use the Chiringuitos, museums or open air cinema. There is a lot of stuff to do and I don't want it to be like London where I did everything in the last two months.


  1. given that I'm still in London, what should I not be missing out on?

  2. What happened in London was that I spent about nine years there and in the last two months I went to all museums. This was especially silly as they are free. I also never went to any theatre show or concerts.

    On the other hand: the last time I visited London I noticed that what I really loved about London was living there and not the things above, which you can also do when you are just visiting.

    Maybe it is the same with Barcelona, it is not so much about having tapas and going to the beach, but that you could go to the beach any time you want to :-)