Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Links (Post holidays podcast edition)

BeOS: The Alternate Universe’s Mac OS X

Outcome Over Output: Also Impact and Effort

DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative(Software Factory)

Why I’m putting Bra Theory on an indefinite hiatus

Twitter is probably not the right medium for explaining the intricacies of analyzing and refactoring crusty old FORTRAN.

The C64 review – a captivatingly precise replica of the joys of 80s gaming

Making faster: Code size and execution optimizations (Part 4)


Alex Talks to Cycling Whistleblower Jonathan Vaughters

Bill Gates — The biggest success story you haven't heard

Living with Star Wars

freeCodeCamp with Quincy Larson

Best of: Master the Art of Staying in

Alex Talks to Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley

Bruce Schneier: How insecure, unregulated tech is endangering the world

Kubernetes Progress with Kelsey Hightower

Amazon Kubernetes with Abby Fuller

RadioLab: 60 Words

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