Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Links

Zappos has quietly backed away from holacracy


Use Emacs to get social and track your todo list

How we retired Python 2 and improved developer happiness 

Why the Guardian will no longer accept fossil fuel advertising

Ring Doorbell App Packed with Third-Party Trackers

Terraform at Flexport

New Enterprise IT Controls for Data Studio

Google Receives Geofence Warrants

How to Perform Concurrent HTTP Requests in Ruby and Rails

Introducing Buffer’s Family Support Fund

Confessions of a Recovering Proprietary Programmer, Part XVII

Do more with Data Studio Community Visualizations

Preserving open source software for future generations


#74 Jeff Hunter: Embracing Confusion

S2 Ep.2: How do you balance investment in tech debt vs customer value?

Bicycle - Pessimists Archive Podcast

The Walkman - Pessimists Archive Podcast

#68 - Will MacAskill on the paralysis argument, whether we're at the hinge of history, & his new priorities

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