Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday Links

Product Managment

The Evolution of Product at Buffer and the Next Step: We’re Hiring a VP of Product - can I have one too? This sounds so familiar.


Rebuilding messaging: How we bootstrapped our platform - how Linkedin is changing to a new messaging platform and database.

Machine Learning for a Better Developer Experience
- How Netflix is using machine learning to better handle their logs.

Twitter engineers replacing racially loaded tech terms like 'master,' 'slave' - this is happening in a lot of companies and open source projects and is great to see.

GPT-3 Is Amazing—And Overhyped - the uber regex strikes back

hacker-laws -  all of them on one place. I discovered them through the Changelog:  Laws for hackers to live by [Podcast]

Engineering Management

In search of higher engineering productivity: A data first remote working perspective - nice to see some numbers put to it. It is really just about progamming, it doesn't track the difference in remote meetings.

Build vs buy decisions in the age of software abundance - this is getting worse very day. It is not even "buy" even more, with so many ready made open source libraries and projects out there.

Uber: Introducing Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture - I am not sure if this will help in the mess that are microservices, but good luck to them. It is a good article though with some tips for different company sizes:
In small organizations, the operational benefit likely does not offset the increase in architectural complexity. Furthermore, microservice architectures often require dedicated engineering resources to support which may be out of budget for an early stage company or else suboptimal from a prioritization perspective.
Team Objectives – Overview - good long read critique of OKRs for teams. Jump to the summary if you like.


#SmartDevelopmentHack: Germany searches for COVID-19 solutions - "Are hackathons the solution?" ... in my experience probably not.

Coronavirus: The great contact-tracing apps mystery - The main mystery for me is why we don't have one in Spain yet, or ideally one that works across Europe. There are multiple open-source versions out there (from Ireland & Germany for example) that could be used, but every country needs to reinvent the wheel and sometime in the future they all will have to be linked up. Also check out the Europe COVID-19 Tracing App Tracker.

Returning to the Office Safely - pretty guide from the OmnicomGroup for their offices.

COVID19aldiaBCN - all the Barcelona COVID-19 stats and maps you will ever need

It’s hard to imagine what the world will look like when COVID-19 has passed. So in this episode, we look back to the years after 1918, at the political, artistic, and viral aftermath of the flu pandemic that killed between 50 and 100 million people and left our world permanently transformed.


Garmin services and production go down after ransomware attack - this is probably the worst nightmare for any company. They are still down as I am writing this.

Password Book (Multi-coloured) - at least you are not loosing it to ransom-ware.

The sad, slow-motion death of Do Not Track - kind of expected, the pressure from the other side is too strong.
Maybe this hack will serve as a wake-up call. But if past incidents involving Twitter and other companies are any indication, it won't. Underspending on security, and letting society pay the eventual price, is far more profitable. I don't blame the tech companies. Their corporate mandate is to make as much money as is legally possible. Fixing this requires changes in the law, not changes in the hearts of the company's leaders.


Ride easy with new biking features in Google Maps - Google is making routing for cycling better. It was already pretty good where it is available, but it is good to see that they are constantly improving it.

'We Heard Birds.' Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on How Lockdown Offered a Glimpse at a Greener City

Episode #250 – In conversation with the rock star of parking, Donald Shoup - He is mostly about proper charging for parking. I agree, but we should also reduce parking and give it back to the people.

Keeping Journals

After coming across one article about journaling recently I decided it might be worth a try. Of course I started with a bit of research first.

There are many articles that say it is probably as good idea. Possibly bordering at being a bit pushy / passive aggressive.
There are some common formats and sometimes people who sell you preformatted notebooks.
In the end I decided to be agile and just start something with the stack of Moleskins and pens I already own.

Random Lawrence

Polishing Lawrence - I remember when I still found editing Wikipedia pages fun. Now there is are so many rules and politics involved that I can't be bothered any more. "Lawrence of Arabia" is a topic by my heart though.

Which productivity method is right for you? - Spoiler alert: it might have to do with Todoist.

JWZ: Recent Movies and TV - jwz watches stuff so I don't have too. Looks like there are some good shows on at the moment though.

Pointless Job Requirements
- maybe we have to rethink job ads

What We Learn When Humans Race Against Horses - I listened to a podcast about this once. Humans are amazing, so are horses.

Classical Fix: Nadine Shah - no idea who she is, but this was fun. I also discovered Scott Walker (Scott Walker: Farmer In The City [YouTube]), which made it worth it already. 
Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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