Monday, July 27, 2020

My Workspace

I like looking at pictures of other people's office set-ups. With most people working from home at the moment you see more and more nice workspaces especially tuned for video conferencing.
I was lucky enough to have a space and a reasonable set-up already. By chance I also had ordered bits and pieces before everything was sold out on Amazon.
There are a few things I still want to improve. The light is not ideal for video conferencing and I am also going to try a separate microphone for better sound.


My basic desk set-up is always the same. This is the first time I have two big screens, but I always have the same keyboard, headphones and mouse.
I think this goes back to at least 2000.
In our currently closed office I have the same again and when I start a new job I usually bring the devices with me as not every company lets you freely choose.
The computer is always running the current version of Fedora Linux, often upgraded over many years.

1. Dell Monitor U2719DC UltraSharp. I really just wanted one of these as I still had another very old monitor. This one came with a pixel error and Amazon send a replacement, but never managed to get the pick-up of the broken one sorted. So now I have two and use the one with the broken pixel for the not important stuff, like Slack. I think the broken pixel is not even a broken pixel, but an insect stuck between the layers - a real bug.
2. Dell Monitor U2719DC UltraSharp - the nice one, which has my browser, shell and Emacs.
3. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 GB layout - while I am always looking for new fancy hacker keyboards I have stuck with this one. I have another one in storage in case this one breaks.
4. Logitech Mouse G502 Hero - my mice and keyboard are always wired, which limits choice a bit. I have pretty big hands and like a mouse that fills them.
5. Logitech Mousepad G440 - matchy-matchy with the mouse. I could do with a smaller one, because of the hight DPI of the mouse.
6. Sony Headphones MDR-1RBT - I am a bit addicted to headphones. I have three different Sony MDR-1 versions (RBT, ABT and R). I love the fit and sound.
7. PC AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB, 1TB, build up recently, also has a cheap fanless graphics card
8. Chair - from my first job/start-up, still works
9. APC BX1400U-GR Back-UPS BX, power outages and brownouts are quite common in Spain and even more so in the countryside. This protects the computer, there is another one for the routers and NAS.
a. Fleximounts F6 monitor arm for laptop - it works, not a lot of movement
b. Fleximounts F6D monitor arms for screens - same for two devices
c. Logitech C920 HD Pro - I am lucky I ordered this in time, it works, I probably won't upgrade any time soon. The Logitech Brio is also silly expensive.


Not directly related to work, but supporting the main computer.

d. Thinkpad T430s on a arm and T470s on the floor - laptops from work, I use them in the office and here when I need another small screen or different device. One of them also has Windows on a partition for devices that require Windows for firmware upgrades
e. AmazonBasics paper shredder - goes together with the messy GTD stack on my desk, everything that I don't file goes into this one.
f. Synology DS218+ - backup of the computer, Syncthing backup, all my music and films.
g. USB Charging station (with Raspbery Pi running Syncthing on top), with various USB-A, micro-usb, and USB-C connectors and one for Garmin watches
h. Rubbish router from provider
i. AmpliFi HD Router - super simple set-up, annoyingly only with a mobile, supports multiple mesh repeaters that are all over the house
j. HP OfficeJet Pro 9010 - maybe I should have gone for a laser? I don't really print a lot
k. Thermometer / Barometer - it is way too hot in my office


I like my old school Hi-Fi components. If I had unlimited money I would just be buying this stuff on ebay the whole day.
The combination of the Sony amplifier and JBL speakers gives a sound I love.
The amplifier is also connected to a Chromecast Audio for multiroom sound, computer and headphones.

l. Tape deck Sony TC-K790ES - needs some work, the rubber transport bands disintegrated and need replacement, which is a bit tricky
m. Tuner Sony SA3ES - I never use it, but it is pretty!
n. Amplifier Sony TA-542E - this must be pretty old too, still works fine
o. JBL Control 1 Pro speakers - come with mounts for the wall and look sleek

Art & Memories

Since we bought the house and I have no further move is planned I made some effort to finally put all kind of stuff on the wall.

p. Sven Vaeth & Paul Cooper flyer 17-7-93 Warehouse Cologne
q. Photo from the Space Shuttle signed by Astronaut Robert Crippen
r. family
s. My dad and myself on our last holiday together. I have no idea why we shake hands.
t. family
u. X-Ray Cyclist by Nick Veasey sold by IKEA. Nick is one of my favourite artists and this is the cheapest way to get a great quality print.
v. Newton MessagePad 130 - I really did use this back in the days. It is a bit bulky.
w. Palm V, Palm Tungsten T, Ericsson t39 with extra antenna and calculator from school - this was my "smartphone" back in the days when phones got smaller every year. I sometimes connected it with bluetooth to the Palm for connectivity on the go. I miss small phones.
x. random memories box: old business cards, passport, party flyer, motorcycle key
y. Curves Calendar - don't google that. It has photos of mountain roads for each month to remind me of cycling. I just get a new one every year and replace it.


  1. wow, I Like your workplace
    mine is much simpler but I'm gradually evolving it :-)

    1. This is normal, workspaces are always evolving.
      In fact the photo above is already out of date, because I added a microphone, plant and journal to the desk :-)