Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Links

A bit of a back-log again, lots of long reads about engineering, management and especially urbanism. Some good podcasts related to all of these too. The one from Mo Gawdat about happiness certainly made me think.


The Art of the Awkward 1:1 - this is definitely one of my weak areas, my 1:1s are just not awkward enough most of the time

Google’s initiative for more inclusive language in open source projects  - check out the style guide for the details, lots of good pointers and some I might not have noticed myself.

Engineering strategy every org should write. - I better start then. He has more on Engineering Strategies.

Check Your Blind Spots: Why Leadership Requires Self-Awareness and Maturity [Podcast] - always great to hear the insights of Camille Fournier  

Staff Engineering with Will Larson [Podcast] - Will tries very hard to define the role, but for most companies it is just one title of many. You only see differencation with large teams.


Fixing a Test Hourglass - it sometimes is even worse, where people just focus on end-to-end tests and reduce the number of unit tests. The post explains the problem with that and how to fix some of theses tests. Also check out the old article: Just Say No to More End-to-End tests.

Timing for bringing page experience to Google Search  - May 2021! Lets hope it isn't hitting us too hard

Microservices — architecture nihilism in minimalism's clothes - lots about when and why to split or join services

Structuring Monitoring Data in Monolithic Applications With Namespaces - I am not sure if this will make it better, but I can see some applications for large monoliths 


iproute2 and libbpf: vendoring on the small scale [LWN] - the old problem of bundling libraries or not. I am on the not bundling side, but it seems to be a lost cause.

Modern IDEs are magic. Why are so many coders still using Vim and Emacs? - because we tried IDEs and didn't like them. They also come and go like JavaScript frameworks 

Deprecating scp - first I went "Oh No!", but then I couldn't remember when I used it the last time

The RIAA, GitHub, and youtube-dl [LWN] - fun politics about copyrights and code

An introduction to Pluto - Jupyter notebooks for Julia, two things I don't use, but probably should look into

The Problem With Microservices
[YouTube] - I like his definition of microservices 

Remote work

Deutsche Bank calls for a 5 percent 'privilege' tax on people choosing to work from home - this clearly has so many problems once it hits reality, but it is fun to watch the privileged remote groupies going bonkers over this

How to run a Hackathon during a global lockdown - we had one hackday this year remotely, but next year we will have a whole week. Time to steal ideas from other people.

Proof our work-life balance is in danger (but there’s still hope)
- work days are get longer, breaks are getting shorter

Reimagine with Eric Schmidt: Redefining the Workplace After COVID - [Podcast] about remote work and the gig economy


Barcelona: la reconquista táctica del asfalto [Spanish] - mostly colour on the road, which doesn't help a lot.

 - this is amazing, it will completely transform Barcelona and make it more liveable. People living on these street must be dancing for joy. I just hope any future mayor will keep with the plan. More in Catalan on El Pais.

Opinion: Leaving the city for the suburbs? It could take a big bite out of your retirement - very US centric view, but people really don't realise how expensive cars are. I am in the countryside now and I hate how dependent I am on the car for some things

Why it’s time to update Europe’s outdated e-bike speed limit - from the VanMoof guy. He doesn't say what the speed limit should be and what other rules should apply. Do we want 32km/h bicycles on bike lanes mixing with kids and other weaker people? Do we want speed limits on these for bicycles and how are we going to control them? While I agree that 25km/h are too low in flowing traffic, it is too fast for bike lanes most of the time. 

Designing Policy to Encourage Tiny Houses and Density [YouTube] - great that some cities are reconsidering zoning laws. Also amazing how big the houses are over there 

Big plans are out this lockdown winter. But I would like to learn to ride a bike  - sometimes you forget that there are grown up people who don't ride bikes, maybe that is one of the causes of all the resistance to more bike infrastructure 

Introduction to Strong Towns & Financially Insolvent American Cities - [YouTube] more of a teaser, but already containing nice insights how cities bankrupt themselves with their approach  

Mein Auto, meine Straße!  [German] - The uphill struggle to fight car dominance in Germany

Carriles bici: la respuesta de las ciudades ante la pandemia [Spanish] - bike lanes implemented during the coronavirus crisis and before, lots of examples for various cities

Government backs Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and cycleways in reply to petition calling for withdrawal of funding - it is basically the same idea as the Superblocks in Barcelona: stop through traffic to make roads quieter  

Chris Boardman, cyclist [Podcast] - I love Desert Island Disks and Chris is a great ambassador for liveable cities and cycling

Radfunk - Der Fahrradpodcast - Episode 12 - Das gelobte Land [Podcast, German] - interview about cycling and urbanism in the Netherlands

Random Music

Report: Techno is officially music in Germany - there goes the underground! 

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is quietly one of the best open world games on PC - great review, which made me install the demo via Steam on Linux. I am not much into games, but love open world games. It can't be more boring than flying for hours in one of the earlier Flight Simulators.

What It Will Take for Biden to Keep His Climate Promise - most annoying thing is that he will stick to cars as the main form of transport 

Low and no-alcohol sales soar 30% in lockdown as UK drinking habits change - the healthier people try to live the less sense alcohol and smoking make 

Making the world (of work) happier: Mo Gawdat [Podcast] - is happiness our default state and we are just messing it up? 

Other Links

Tim Bray: Long Links - good selection of weird and wonderful links

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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