Monday, November 02, 2020

What is in my bag. Part 2: Even Smaller Saddlebag

What is in my bag
I am slow, but at least I am persistent. Four years ago I posted "What is in my bag. Part 1: Small Saddlebag", and I kind of promised to post about what I take on sportives / gran fondos. This is not that post, because I haven't taken part in any sportives for a while. Instead this is an update  to the original post. I am still using the bag from the first post on my commuter bike.

I am also adding the other stuff that is on my bike.

The major changes are: 

A move to a smaller Lezyne bag, that isn't a roll-up any more. It attaches with a similar strap, but is quicker to open with a zip.

No more CO2 bottle and valve. I am really never that much in a hurry and they are also not the most environmental friendly ways to pump up a tire. 

I switched from a mini-tool to a couple of hex keys. I don't have any other screws left on the bike, so this is much smaller and also better to use. 

Which leaves me with this in the bag (right side of photo):

  • four hex keys, plus and adaptor to increase the size of the biggest one
  • tube valves extenders, in case I have to borrow a tube
  • tube valve tool
  • chain pins
  • tube patches
  • two tire levers
  • chain tool 
  • light spare tube

On the left side is what else is on my bike

  • Garmin Edge 830 with tether for safety
  • small pump, attached to one of the bottle cages
  • second spare tire, this one a bit more robust. I attach it to the saddle bag with the strap of the bag.
  • rear light, this one is brand new and has some brake functionality
  • front light, goes between Garmin and forward mount. It is just to be seen, useful in winter or if you are passing through tunnels. Sometimes I leave it at home.


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