Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday Links 21-22

Screenshot of 12 Minutes Game
I am so looking forward to this
I was off last Friday, so this is a double dose. 

Remote work is probably a topic which will stay with us for a while, but it seems people want to start a war about it. Maybe it is OK  to like different things here? 


Building an Incident Management Response Team  - do something like that or similar

Can senior leaders make friends at work? - probably not

Taken for Granted: Merve Emre on Emotional Intelligence as Corporate Control [Podcast] - I have recently gotten more suspicious about emotional intelligence and mindfulness training at work.  

AgileByExample 2018: Melissa Lang - The mechanics of team building [YouTube] - nice practical approach 

I Think in Flowcharts - Rands went on a bike ride again

Building Self-Managed Teams: A Case Study from Riot Games [Podcast] 

"In a self-managed team, even the most junior employee is empowered to make a meaningful decision that affects the team’s performance. They’re not dependent on management to make all the decisions. No winning team requires the coach to explain how to kick the ball; the coaching happens before and after the game."

Medium sees more employee exits after CEO publishes ‘culture memo’ - this whole working from leadership mansion for a year seems getting to people

4-Day Workweeks Can’t Work Without Deep Work - work harder shorter

Remote Work

The Upcoming Remote Work Company Culture War - I guess that is one way to start a war
Will Work-from-Home Work Forever? [Podcast] - probably not

If you think “water cooler moments” unlock creativity, you’re focusing on the wrong thing - I never said "creativity"! But I still miss them. Still good tips in the article, remote or not.

Winners and Losers of the Work-From-Home Revolution"Winner: the how-to-WFH economy"


Summary of June 8 outage - very brief summary of the fastly outage

Performance, Stress, and Load Tests in Rails - summary and examples of different testing in Ruby

I helped pioneer UX design. What I see today disturbs me - UX: place ads between other ads

The Wolf Pack Tactic for Monitoring Slow APIs - find the slowest part of a request and make it faster

Improving the Deployment Experience of a Ten-Year Old Application - Etsy was one of the first companies blogging about continuous deployment, now they are improving it as they moved to the cloud

Handling Flaky Unit Tests in Java - I am weirdly attracted to flaky test stories

Musings on Life as Dev - why we code

Code humor and inclusiveness [LWN] - Unix dad jokes are not inclusive!

Building an Inclusive Codebase - Airbnb has a tiny denylist 

How Much Testing is Enough? - if you are not scared of deploys any more, than it is enough

Revise Tests While Refactoring? It Depends - I like "it depends" answers, maybe I have a future life as consultant or coach.


Keynote: Beyond Ruby 3.0 (Yukihiro Matsumoto) [YouTube] - not surprising, lots of parallels to other languages

Doom now runs on an Ikea smart light bulb - sadly the original has been taken down already 

Hundreds arrested in global crime sting after underworld app is hacked - security is hard, especially for bad people

FBI/AFP-Run Encrypted Phone - Schneier about the same thing. It is all very The Wire Season 3

A walk through the Magit interface - coming back to Emacs is like meeting an old friend with new stories

Microsoft’s Kate Crawford: ‘AI is neither artificial nor intelligent’ - also biased

Improve your content with Search Console Insights - more graphs for analysing your traffic. I didn't find that they add more at the moment 

VPNs and Trust - good luck?

A Cloud Storage Experiment to Level Up Chia Farming - #burntheplanet hosted! It would be quite funny if people jump on this. 

How the Web became unreadable - my life on the web, except of using and ad-blocker, also found this in the comments: The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free

Privacy analysis of FLoC - Mozilla might be biased, but I also can't see FloC surviving for long 

The Wondrous World of Discoverable GPT Disk Images - I am still not sure having everything in systemd is a good thing, but discoverable partitions definitely are.

Rails 7 is coming to town and it brings encryption for our table columns. - who can even keep up with Rails any more. There are no "rails upgrade consultants".


Wildbit’s 2020 environmental footprint - great to see this transparency, but nobody seems to account of the costs to the individuals working from home
#showyourstripes climate crisis visualised


Vision Zero and the race to reduce road deaths - not only urban "Across the EU as much as 42% of cyclist fatalities occur outside urban areas which suggests that cycling infrastructure is not only needed in cities." also depressing "Each day 500 children are killed in preventable traffic crashes around the world."

Publicat el primer informe d’avaluaci√≥ de la ZBE rondes Barcelona [Catalan, PDF] - first results about the clean air zone of Barcelona: too little too late

What will it take for cities to go carbon neutral? [Podcast] - tricky, but start with traffic

Where are the Bike Lanes In Lego City? [Podcast] - fun episode, because clearly there are no parallels to the real world ... or are there?

European city air quality viewer - extremely slow viewer, Barcelona is somewhere at the bottom

Random 12 Minutes

12 Minutes is coming

Subwoofers at the ready! The jungle and drum’n’bass revival is upon us - I recently started missing breakbeats, jungle and drum'n'bass. It might be 25 years nostalgia.
Kant's Copernican Revolution [Podcast] - I never read Kant ... there, I said it ... this is probably as close as I will get. Though do find the ideas and thought processes great.

China’s herd of wandering elephants takes a rest after 500km trek - elephants are the best!

Share-housing in your 60s: ‘Six of us wanted to do retirement in an extraordinary way’ - I personally like the idea of retirement house shares in the country side, but who would want to share with me?

Scientists link intense exercise with MND risk in some people - oh no

Barcelona street sellers take on Nike with own-brand trainers - great initiative, though trainers don't seem to be available 

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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