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Friday Links 21-23

Old map from OpenStreetMap of Worcester
Old OSM of Worcester ~2008
Sorry for the long post, but this is again for two weeks.

A few podcasts and lots of blog posts about the usual topics. The random selection also got a bit out of hand.


Limits to one Product Backlog - 1 - PO on team or feature

There’s no ‘I’ in burnout "How do you give someone new work even as they’re drowning under the existing work?"

Will Larson (Calm) [Podcast] - Will talking about Staff Engineering and personal experience in his leadership roles

An Honest Look into our Engineering Team Engagement Survey - Buffer also uses Lattice. Good to see this kind of transparency. 

Ist das noch Scrum oder kann das weg? [Podcast, German] "Scrum by the book" or do we care?

Is Scrum Dying...? with David Pereira [Podcast] - no

Double Down: Scrum v Devs - Ron still unappy with the Scrum Alliance

Ask vs. Guess Culture: Encouraging Disagreement and Praising Courage with Danielle Leong, Director of Engineering at GitHub [Podcast] - great podcast about fostering honest discussions, suggestions and feedback

The Post-Incident Review - nice summary on why and how to do these

Does Trust Contribute to Biased Hiring? - amazing post and analysis on choosing a job, referrals rule in looking for a job 

" 4-9 of the interview process" - even worse experience in the comments

How many interviews does it take to hire a Googler? - Google optimized the number of interviews with data

Using engineering principles to create autonomous teams at scale - 10 principles!

How Do You Nurture Product Discovery as a Leader? Interview with Teresa Torres [Podcast]


Testing Objects and Relationships - good overview of cases

Adding Kubernetes Metadata to Your AppSignal Errors - another nice new feature

16 New ML Gems for Ruby - nice, even more linked


The Smart Home Isn't Worth It - I can kind of relate 

LinkedIn breach reportedly exposes data of 92% of users, including inferred salaries [U] - they seemed to have just scraped the API, but I still would like to have my data

Why aren’t more girls in the UK choosing to study computing and technology? - probably a worldwide problem, but you have to try to get them young

The Next Backblaze Storage Pod - aka when to build and when to buy

Binance: Watchdog clamps down on cryptocurrency exchange - can we just stop with this madness? 

Cheat Sheet: Google extends cookie execution deadline until late 2023, will pause FLoC testing in July - FLoC is dead

Amazon is blocking Google’s FLoC — and that could seriously weaken the fledgling tracking system - definitely dead

Google Launches a New Medical App—Outside the US - looking forward to this

Galaxy Tab S7+ - I bought one of these in the hope that it will last a while, but if it is like my previous tablets it will slow down soon

Bumper Crop: Scaling a Chia SaaS Project on B2 Cloud Storage - I hope this is a joke

Rocky Linux 8.4 GA Available Now - that was quick

Remote Work

Remote working v the office: four company bosses have their say - anecdotes

Announcing location-agnostic pay - not picking SF salaries, interesting 

Facebook Lets More Employees Choose Full-Time Remote Work or Return to the Office 

Your work from home salary won't be same as your office pay. How Google is paying - they are using a calculator, more here


It’s a hot one: How heat waves have trended over time - Google looking at scorcher searches

Wet Bulb Temperature - read the comments too

El nou mapa de contaminació en temps real de betevé permet comparar NO2 i PM10 [Catalan] - new NO2 and PM10 map for Barcelona

Is the Future of Farming in the Ocean? [Podcast] - TIL: you get the omega 3 stuff from kelp, you don't need fish 

Welsh government suspends all future road-building plans - (read fine print), still nice

Chia Power - Estimate of total energy consumption in the Chia network - lets stop with this madness

Head of Independent Sage to launch international climate change group - good luck :-)

Belgium’s climate failures violate human rights, court rules - if the government does do anything you have to go through the courts, even if it won't change anything


Cycling associations claim victory: E-bikes will be excluded from compulsory insurance - thank god for that, this was a pretty ridiculous proposal from the European Commission 

Biking with your dog - I hope our new dogs are going cycling with me 

Portugal Is Riding a Boom in Bicycles - local production helps with the current bicycle shortage, but you still have to deal with the lack of parts


Bicycling facility inequalities and the causality dilemma with socioeconomic/sociodemographic change - bike lanes follow after gentrification, not the other way around 

Cities Aren't Loud: Cars Are Loud [YouTube] - I wish people would care more about this. The loudest sound here in the countryside are the people racing cars and motorbikes on a road 5km away. 

Distracted Driving [Podcast] - this is pretty scary, even using a hands-free kit you are way to distracted to drive

Spain is planning low emission zones for all towns with over 50,000 residents - older news, but this is being discussed more now. 

Government tells councils it won’t fund painted cycle lanes - because they are not cycle lanes

What happens after a city removes a freeway? [YouTube] - roads along the water in cities are basically a waste of resources


OpenStreetMap looks to relocate to EU due to Brexit limitations - welcome!

#114 Noreena Hertz: The Crisis of Loneliness [Podcast] - more about loneliness, not only during the pandemic and why it might be increasing

Data from 45 countries show containing COVID vs saving the economy is a false dichotomy - good to know for the next pandemic!

Spain backs bill allowing teenagers to change official gender without medical checks - nice step and really not difficult at all

Stepping Back from Speaking - public speaking seems to be difficult for everybody 

Shorting Bitcoin - really shortening Bitcoin companies, but still. Also see: Investing Intro

Mapped: Global Happiness Levels in 2021 - Spain more grumpy than Germany? 

Neuer Nachtzug verbindet Deutschland und Skandinavien [German] - new night train between Germany and Scandinavia. Sweden is helping, Germany can't be bothered buying sleeper trains.

John McAfee obituary - are all rich people evil overlords? 

Blue: Pain and Pleasure [Podcast] - Joni Mitchell is one of the artist where I like the songs, but prefer cover versions

Farming Robot Kills 100,000 Weeds per Hour With Lasers - I need this for my garden in Roomba size and price

Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World by Barbara Ehrenreich - slowly we realise this is just another cult

Tim Berners-Lee defends auction of NFT representing web’s source code - I lost all respect for him

*EPIC* 450hp Tesla Powered 'Spectre' Defender - Driven up a Mountain ! [YouTube] - I am looking forward to a conversion kit for my 90. I would be happy with 150hp with reasonable range and no other improvements

Taken for Granted: John Green Wants You to Pay Attention to Your Attention [Podcast] - Maybe I should do some stats on my Friday post topices :-)

‘I put my life savings in crypto’: how a generation of amateurs got hooked on high-risk trading - this will be the next financial crisis 

Douglas Coupland on Generation X at 30: ‘Generational trashing is eternal’ - but today's kids really only listen to noise!

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Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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