Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday Links 22-3

Photo of Corson-Heisner Live/Work House in Sant Francisco
Corson-Heisner Live/Work House
Focus on urbanism today, as more people are realising that cities are made for people and not cars. 

I also really enjoyed the interview with Peter Anderton and his ideas about leadership principles.


Change Yourself, Change Your Team: The Underrated Leadership Principles All Good Managers Follow (with Peter Anderton, Director of Internal Alignment) [Podcast] - I like his two rules for leadership 

Scaling engineering organizations - about hiring, onboarding and retention. Very nice processes.

Lower the interest rate on your technical debt - another person drawing similarities between technical and money debt


Four-day workweeks get rave reviews, but they're not catching on - seems to be moving into the right direction though

Working from home: how it changed us forever - I think we haven't even seen the beginning of the change. It will change cities and villages forever. It will also widen the gap between people who can work from home and those who can't.


The Speed Limit in Every City Should be 20 MPH - or 30km/h. I would add that it should also be enforced by newer cars, similar to scooters 

50 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want More Walkable Streets - people over cars

Better air in lockdown may have saved hundreds of lives in Europe, study finds - maybe we try to do even better in the future?

Entitled motorists have ruled the roads for far too long - I couldn't agree more.

Richter klagt gegen Fahrradstraße – Stadt streicht Parkplätze  [German] - judge opposes cycling street, because it is not wide enough. So the city decides to remove parking to make it wide enough :-)

Random Houses

956. Future Systems /// Malator (Bob Marshall-Andrews House) - I have a Future System book and used to love this house, but now it seems a bit kitsch

Hackers, sex toys, and Qhubeka’s last title sponsor [Podcast] - blockchain scam meets cycling

Linux-Targeted Malware Increased by 35% - Linux finally going mainstream!

Neil Young demands Spotify remove his music over Joe Rogan vaccine misinformation - thanks Neil!

‘It’s a show about love’: Desert Island Discs celebrates 80 years on air - the story of one of my favourite podcasts. I started listening on the radio around 2000, but the podcast is much more practical even if it doesn't have all the music. I still miss Kirsty though. 

Leading UK fracking firm taken over by green energy group - this is quite funny. Maybe the market will fix it after all? (I am kidding)

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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