Friday, February 04, 2022

Friday Links 22-4

Polar bears move into abandoned Arctic weather station – photo from photo essay
The Guardian - Polar Bears

If you want to know more about web3, NFTs and crypto-currency mess, definitely watch the long YouTube video.

There seems to be a lot of reviewing about agile ideas at the moment. Which is great, because that is what agile is about.


TBM 4/52: An Actionable Post With Examples (Tree/Loop Prompts) - prompts to think about north stars, goals, decisions, ...

The Manager's Stack - set of tools to use for planning and keeping track of things. 

Are You a Lateral or Vertical Thinker? Why Thinking Outside the Box is a Leader’s Superpower (with Paul Sloane, Innovation Consultant)  [Podcast] - I am not sure about lateral thinking, but there are still a lot of good ideas in this

Clear thinking for 2022 [Podcast] - maybe hybrid will be a thing? 

Pondering Agile Principles - reviewing the agile manifesto 

Your hiring process is too slow -- speed it up with these five tips - we do some of these, but we definitely don't have a SLA


Extreme (Programming) Thoughts - Ron musing about XP. XP changed my life and it is relevant for everyone thinking about agile 

The CDN is Dead, Long Live the CDN! - Cache Partitioning in Firefox and Chrome - I didn't realise this, that should change thinking on external assets 

Lock-in and Multi-Cloud - good thinking about where to go cloud-wise for different types of companies / stages.


492. How Did a Hayfield Become One of America’s Hottest Cities? [Podcast] - suburbs are evil, until they turn into proper towns

The End of Uber with Cory Doctorow [Podcast] - "Reality has a well known anti-car bias"

Random Bears

Polar bears move into abandoned Arctic weather station – photo essay - they look at home 

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs [YouTube] - I am mostly ignoring the hype now, but if you want to know more about NFTs and cryptocurrencies, watch this. 

NFT Artist & Cryptobro Blocker - and if you want to ignore them more, use this

Farm WiFi Off The Grid with Ubiquiti and Solar - I think I have a future project. This doesn't look too bad.

Career Advice Nobody Gave Me: Never Ignore a Recruiter - good idea to have an auto reply for recruiters 

Backblaze Drive Stats for 2021 - I am still fascinated by this. And some "desktop" drives are doing really well

Two out of ten Barcelona start-up founders come from abroad - that is more than I thought and fewer foreign employees than I assumed too.

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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