Friday, April 09, 2021

Friday Links 21-13


Now that we might be nearing the end of the pandemic everybody is panicking about the future of offices, remote work and working from home.

I personally am looking forward to some time in the office, definitely the city and even the commute.


TBM 14/52: Discussing Complex Problems with Leaders - I am not sure if my problems are really that complex

Welcoming Dissent: How to Build a Coaching Culture and Lead by Example with Russ Laraway (Employee Experience Evangelist at Qualtrics) [Podcast] - nice insights from an experienced manager

Tips for Retrospectives | A Chat with Aino Corry [YouTube]

Down on Scrum - Ron is not happy with the Scrum Industrial Complex 

Awesome CTO - another collection of CTO resources 

Leadership Development and Balancing Creativity and Control with Admiral John Richardson (Part I) [Podcast] - it is annoying how much of a military fan-boy Gene Kim is, but this one is a good episode


Core Web Vitals: Page Speed Is Now More Important for SEO - about time that people start caring about speed (including us)

How we improved deployment velocity at Cronofy - they made it continuous 

Scanning for secrets [LWN] - that is the nice thing about centralised services of GitHab and GitLab, they can do cool analysis of a lot repositories 

Bitemporal History - a problem that I never came across so far

[Part 1] The problems with MVPs in legacy replacement - tricky


Bitwarden vs. KeePass: Which Is the Best Open-Source Password Manager? - I am using KeePassXC and something else on Android. I am getting confused by all the KeePass versions

Signal hops on the Dunning-Krugerrand bandwagon - that's goodbye to Signal for me. I haven't been there for long. 

Signal Adds Cryptocurrency Support - Schneier is also not happy

Rust in the Android platform - cool to see Rust in more places where it makes sense from a security perspective 

XScreenSaver 6.00 out now - I am still excited about new releases of something I don't even ever see. Mostly work on the security this time. 

Wi-Fi Devices as Physical Object Sensors - could be useful for home made alarm systems?

Update on campaign targeting security researchers - more google security research transparency

Remote Work

Virtual First Toolkit - collection of articles from Dropbox about going hybrid

The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready? - Microsoft doesn't think so

The evidence is in: working from home is a failed experiment (Opinion) - usually I don't post opinions, but this is where I picked up the Microsoft study 

Remote working: Is Big Tech going off work from home? - maybe they know something we don't? 

How I’ve improved my remote presentation setup  - this time from Lara Hogan

1 in 3 employees will quit "if WFH ends," according to a new survey - probably depends on the the companies though

We can't overlook the economic fallout of working from home - bad WFH for the economy

Opinion: The commute is extinct - remote working can revive rural Ireland - good WFH for the economy


Carbon emissions from England's roads plan '100 times greater than government claims' - surprise!

What if Working at Home Makes Us Drive More, Not Less? - possibly mostly US focused, but WFH is probably not the solution for our climate crisis 

The impact of telecommuting on personal vehicle usage and environmental sustainability - related (old) study

Unveiling daily activity pattern differences between telecommuters and commuters using human mobility motifs and sequence analysis - another newer study


Counterparty in crashes - someone is trying to collect crash data, no data for Spain yet

Framing systemic traffic violence: Media coverage of Dutch traffic crashes - "The reviewed articles support the previous findings that media coverage largely dehumanizes traffic crashes, presenting them more as glitches in the machine"

How Much Does a Cycle Track Cost? - it depends

Llegan a Barcelona las bicicletas con suscripciĆ³n [Spanish] - Swapfiets finally arrives in Barcelona. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the high bicycle theft rate here.

How Bankrupt American Cities Stay Alive - Debt [ST04] [YouTube] - how? why? what?

A Round and a Roundy: Special Sci-Fi Metaphor Edition - "You are free to go."

Provisional COVID-19 infrastructure induces large, rapid increases in cycling - study which surprises no one

Random Moves

BREAKING BORDERS: Somar // How Dance Saved A Refugee // stance [YouTube] - I can't remember who shared this break-dance channel, but it is brilliant

86. Beyond Meat's Ethan Brown: How to teach your customer [Podcast] - Out supermarket now has a whole shelf full of fake meat. The lock-downs have shifted myself quite a bit toward vegetarianism

Kew Gardens director hits back at claims it is 'growing woke'  - I can imagine what type of person makes these claims

Covid forces two of Barcelona's oldest restaurants out of business - maybe it is time for something new, but ideally not Taco Bell

So haben Sie die Welt noch nicht gesehen [German] - nicely done maps of the earth adjusted to population, pollution, ...

Making Demille [Podcast] - following a young cycle courier in London over five years

REVIEW - Ember App-controlled Mug [YouTube] - while I have the problem of tea that is always the wrong temperature, this seems to be overkill

A golden age of cassette tapes? - "As millennials revived the vinyl, so too shall Gen Z embrace their dads’ old tape collections." - thanks Gen Z, but please don't call me dad

webshit weekly - I completely forgot this, but it makes me smile with every post

Other Links

Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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