Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday Links 21-15

1995 party flyer
1995 party flyer

A lot of pledges for improving the environment are happening at the moment, while at the same time Bitcoin and NFTs seem to be out to burn the planet.


Developer Velocity: How software excellence fuels business performance - every CTO / developer should probably bookmark this:

Companies that excel in providing the right tools, culture, product management, and talent management not only develop software faster but also deliver significantly stronger business outcomes.

The State of Remote Work with WeWork, Qualtrics, and Miro"overwhelmingly employees want some remote work (97.6% - Buffer) and some office (93% - Qualtrics)."

Top 9 Books for Managers and Leaders | Aydin Mirzaee, CEO at [Podcast] - just a short episode, but with good book suggestions

Hiring like a human: what we learned from taking a people-first approach - very long read about trying out new things in hiring

When Taking Fridays Off Can Help Our Team Get More Done: An AMA on the 4-Day Work Week - I am pretty sure this will be normal in the future

How to Run Effective 1:1s - just a refresher and good summary


Green Vs. Brown Programming Languages - about popularity of languages over time or the shiny new toy syndrome

How to fight back against Google FLoC - I don't think that FLoC will survive for long

Backdoor Found in Codecov Bash Uploader - this seems to have exposed a lot of credentials 

More time, tools, and details on the page experience update - Google delaying using page speed in the page rank metric, because the web is still slow

Intentionally buggy commits for fame—and papers [LWN] this an ongoing story, but it looks like a university tried to insert bugs into the Linux kernel as a research project

Grafana, Loki, and Tempo will be relicensed to AGPLv3 - not well received from what I have seen on Twitter

Why does Amazon hate its most enthusiastic smart home fans? - I just got into home automation with Home Assistant and I already run into this. Looks like I need different cameras in the future.

Hands-On with the PiStorm, the Ultimate Raspberry Pi-Powered Accelerator for Your Commodore Amiga - this is brilliant, maybe I can dust off my A1000 and A3000 at some point. 

Raspberry Pi Turbo Boosts Amiga 500 Retro Computer - more on the Amiga upgrade


Coal mining. Bitcoin mining. Same thing. - #burntheplanet

Deutschland soll Fahrradland werden – bis 2030 [German] - the best thing about German is that you can just make up new words: "Ank├╝ndigungsminister" or Minister of Announcements. I feel the same about some of the climate pledges for the far future  

We Must Cut Car Use To Save The Planet, Agrees U.K. Government - the UK has probably the most ambitious climate goals and they already have done a lot. Great to see that cars can be part of this. 

Carbon emissions to soar in 2021 by second highest rate in history - well done everybody! ... slow clap ...

Facebook says it has reached net zero emissions - that is pretty amazing and they didn't even buy offsets


The Emperor's New Tunnel [Podcast] - I like Tesla and Space-X, but Elon Musc is clearly a super villain with stupid ideas 

How US helmet laws are used against cyclists of colour and homeless people - put this in the bucket of "How ... is used against ... of colour"

Photo Series: Public Spaces of Barcelona - people over cars = living

Economic impacts on local businesses of investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure: a review of the evidence - people over cars = money 

Surrendering Our Cities to Cars Would Be a Historic Blunder - this is an opportunity that hopefully some cities will use

Random Acid

The Endless Acid Banger - algorithmic music is always tricky, but who cares if you have endless 303s? 

‘I’m not ready for other people’s sweat to drip on me’: will clubbing survive the pandemic? - yes

Why is it so bad being a night owl? [Podcast] - spoiler: because we have to get up early

Has the pandemic changed our sleep habits? [Podcast] - yes, but not as much as one would think 

Middle-aged people who sleep six hours or less at greater risk of dementia, study finds - tell this to my animals!

Is sitting still slowly killing us? [Podcast] - yes, but a little bit of exercise helps

Rutger Bregman is hopeful for humankind [Podcast] - Maybe humans are not all bad. I have to check out his book. - interesting approach to a job site by showing diversity information in the listings

«Benvinguts al Bages» s'endinsa a Castellbell i el Vilar, un poble de resistents [Catalan] - my village, in case anyone cares. We don't always dress up like this. 

How to Come up With New Ideas - structured way to open yourself to new ideas

Turns Out, Spock Is Kinda Bad at Logic - ha! Take that you pointy eared man! Lets do Data next.

Why Do Details Matter? [YouTube] - I am obsessed, but not quite that much

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Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
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