Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Links 21-14

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A good mix today. I really enjoyed the CyclingTips podcast about more diversity and inclusivity in cycling and what organisations and companies could and should be doing. 


Software Development Trends 2021: The Latest Research Data - it is amazing how many of these surveys are out there ... this is maybe one of the better ones

TBM 15/52: Stop Hiring Things to Do Too Many Jobs - "The problem with something that does lots of jobs is that it is very easy to send the wrong message." - good point

Managers are Makers Too - managers are people too! 

The Last Bus Problem - and how to avoid it with continuous deploys 

My experience with burnout - I experienced burnout twice in my life and these times are probably the worst for most people. 

The Role of Tech Leads and Engineering Managers - about role overlap and team structures

Peer-to-Peer Accountability in the Workplace — You Don’t Have to Rely on the Boss - I am looking into team accountability and team conflicts at the moment 

Career Development for Leaders: Hype Docs, Mentors, and Happiness Index (with David Hoang, Product Design Director at Webflow) [Podcast] - lots of nice bits in this one


Preemptive Pluralization is (Probably) Not Evil - emphasis on "probably"

How to delete jobs from Sidekiq Retries - I think this would have been useful in the past

Ruby on Rails Controller Patterns and Anti-patterns - Rails is good soil for anti-patterns

Encouraging Inclusive Code with RuboCop - nice idea to make linters check for non-inclusive phrases in your code

Flipr: Making Changes Quickly and Safely at Scale - everybody needs to write a feature flag engine at some point

Logica: organizing your data queries, making them universally reusable and fun - new data science language that compiles into SQL

Disadvantages of Pull Requests - I agree with some of it, but the advantages still outweigh these 

Bad Code Reviews Wreck Morale. We Need a Different Outlook - use them for learning

The Cursed Computer Iceberg Meme via jwz

The Sacred “Back” Button - please don't break it on your website 

Mutation Testing - Google on mutation testing, something I still haven't tried out.


[PATCH 00/13] [RFC] Rust support - Rust going into the Linux kernel

Rust in the Linux kernel - Google about the effort of putting Rust into the kernel and Android

The FBI Is Now Securing Networks Without Their Owners’ Permission - this is pretty bad

FBI hacks vulnerable US computers to fix malicious malware - The Guardian being completely uncritical


Jeder f├╝nfte Inlandsflug soll wegfallen [German] - German airlines and trains working together to replace short flights, but only a fifth of them

French lawmakers approve a ban on short domestic flights - this hasn't quite passed yet and will only affect a few routes

Murder Offsets via jwz "Carbon offsets are a voluntary penance mediated by an organization that promises to promote good elsewhere to make up for climate vice, much like indulgences paid to the church before the reformation. Essentially it’s paying for the right to do wrong."

Trading clunkers for electric bikes: France moves to offer financial incentive - possibly the first country to do this

Rare European vultures being poisoned by livestock drug "farmers, drug companies and regulators argued that cattle carcasses were disposed of differently in Europe than in India [...] That claim has now been shown to be wrong"


Identifying urban features for vulnerable road user safety in Europe - preprint paper about road safety "Our results suggest that policies aimed at increasing the modal share of walking and cycling are key to improve road safety for all road users."

Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities - unsurprising 

Can we make cities car free? [YouTube] - yes! and we should.

La Generalitat anuncia millores a l’Arrabassada per reduir els accidents [Catalan] - Barcelona is changing a road through the major park to make it safer. It is the most dangerous road in Catalonia ... so you wonder what took them so long.

Random Dogs

The EU has archived all of the “Euromyths” printed in UK media – and it makes for some disturbing reading - "Bones – Butchers cannot give a dog a bone, May 2004"

Iceberger - surprised me the first time

Facebook is an Open Source Ally - Facebook now requires code of conducts for their open source projects

The Muddy Waters of Arkansas [Podcast] - I have given up on US news by now, but this is a good post from Cyclingtips on how they are reacting to the anti-trans laws in Arkansas. It is also about more than the US, because we want cycling be welcoming to everybody everywhere

The dream ticket: sleeper trains could soon run from London to Europe’s cities - I am so looking forward to this. I really hate flying ... mostly I hate airports, but also flying

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Friday Links Disclaimer
Inclusion of links does not imply that I agree with the content of linked articles or podcasts. I am just interested in all kind of perspectives. If you follow the link posts over time you might notice common themes though.
More about the links in a separate post: About Friday Links.

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